July 5, 2015

Playing Age of Sigmar first experience

The following write up is from a club mate of mine who gave AoS a go last night

Read Jeff's analysis here


In terms of his ability to analyse the game it is pretty high.  Jeff is one of the best Whfb players in the country, has a strong grasp of the subtle nuances of gameplay and a solid understanding of all the armies he plays (which is nearly all of them).  His thoughts basically confirm my own suspicions from reading the rules and warscrolls last night.

The absence of any points system and removal of army comp rules basically destroy any hope of balance in the game and its ability to be used in tournaments.  The removal of flanks and rear and simplification of movement also remove any need for tactical ability in the game and create as Jeff states a massive uninspiring free for all.

Whfb was a thinking players game one that rewarded peoples ability to make best use of the assets available to them via the points system and those who could think ahead I.e. like chess players. This seems to have all disappeared with Age of Sigmar which it seems has put a bullet through the head of 8th Edition

July 3, 2015

On the painting table: Word Bearers

Getting back into the painting and modelling aspects of the hobby at the moment.  The arrival of a small package from Forgeworld containing items for my 30k Word Bearers has really helped but I'm also aiming to finish off a few other little projects.

So here's what's in the works at the moment...

MkIII Legion armoured Word Bearers
I felt I could give these guys a better paint job so stripped them in Dettol prior to attaching the Word Bearers Shoulder Pads from Forgeworld I received this week.  Forgeworld resin seems to have a stubborn streak to it and despite multiple soakings and at least 4 scrubbing sessions with a couple of hard toothbrushes I couldn't get all the paint off these guys.

Dwarfs vs. Wood Elves: 8th Edition for the win!!!

Final practice game before Panzershrek the weekend after this one comes to town, 2 days and 6 rounds of 8th Edition WHFB goodness.  Unfortunately despite the best efforts of several people only 4-5 of the 24 strong field will be bringing Dwarfs - shocking I know - when compatriot Adam Richards was talking up the possibility of 8-10 Dwarf players being there.  Now that would have been a truly epic way to wind down what may very well be one of the last 8th Edition tournaments (after CTA in August and another event in Napier) held in this country now that Age of Suckmar is upon us.

Our armies line up to do battle my might Dwarfs facing off against a horde of nasty sneaky little Wood Elves
Lets get stuck in boys and see if they'll come at us... wait.. no... they won't... BOOO
Damn these stumpy legs its going to take forever to reach these guys
Ah ha - the dainty Elves finally get the cojones to charge in... oh they strike first with multiple attacks... oh great... 
Run away run away run away....
Look damn it stop retreating and let me get close enough to charge you already
Ummm They're trying to sneak up behind us.. quick turn around...
That's really not looking good there don't seem to be any Hammerers left alive over there?
Oh great now they've all come over here to attack us
The survivors flee for the hills
Was another fun game, really have to use my Gyrobombers more effectively and ensure that I keep everyone within the 12" Stubborn & 6" MR Grungi bubbles for protection.  Looking forward to Panzershrek next weekend and some decent WHFB gaming... the moaning about AoS not so much...

June 29, 2015

X-Wing Regionals List: Ride of the "3 Amigos"

Decided on a list for the Wellington X-Wing regionals in months time. Going to take my 3 Amigos list which has been a consistent favourite of mine.

Although I didn't use it effectively the other day and it is somewhat fragile in terms of hull points e.g. a Decimator + Phantom or Han + Corran list has twice as many hull/shield points it makes up for this with its agility (hopefully).