June 20, 2016

WIP - Lord of Khorne on Juggarnaut

Making progress on the only model I have left to paint right now my Lord of Khorne.  So far I've been concentrating on the Juggarnaut itself rather than the character as I'm still working out how to paint or his little bits of detail.  So still lots of finishing touches to go but its taking shape.

June 17, 2016

40k Tournament Report - Daemonkin vs. Dark Angels & Dark Eldar

Games 2 and 3 of Day 1 @ Maelstrom were against two very different opponents and armies.  The first was a very large and highly mobile Dark Angels Bike and Speeder company.  The 2nd against the eventual tournament winner with his Dark Eldar and its 4 Flyer formation.

Game 3 vs. Dark Angels
Diagonal deployment and multiple objectives made things slightly difficult.  To keep things easy we simply classed all of the buildings as hills that blocked LOS - one of the problems using Fantasy terrain in 40k
These bikes packed Plasma Cannons, Multi-Meltas, Assault Cannons and a host of other heavy weapons
Early moves as my opponent moves in.

June 15, 2016

Maelstrom 40k - Daemonkin vs. Blood Angels

The first game of Maelstrom and a nice open board giving my Rhinos and Gorepack a lot of space to move up toward the various objectives.  Blood Angels drop pods would prove to be rather annoying but while both of our armies were relatively small I had the ability to summon new units to the table.  
Flesh Hounds scout up and then capture the first objectives getting me an early TO lead
Damn drop pods came down quick and I didn't have much that could take them out as my Meltas were busy elsewhere
This seemed like a good idea at the time but the BA Warlord hit like a ton of very large bricks

June 14, 2016

Khorne Daemonkin Blood Host how did they do?

Day or two to reflect on my first 40k tournament and how well my army went.  Khorne Daemonkin have the potential to be extremely strong and very competitive, and while my list wasn't optimal I did have some expectation of Ok(ish) results.

The Blood Host Detachment
Having played KD as a CAD and as a Blood Host I believe that the Blood Host is the only way to go but not one that is without cost.  I can only comment on those units I was able to play so have no experience of Bloodcrushers, Skull Cannons, Maulerfiends etc as I don't have the models.  However, after a couple of months using the army and these games I do have some thoughts about their relative Pro's and Con's...

Maelstrom 40k - Event Tables & Army Parade

Had a great weekend at my first ever 40k tournament.  Quite a big one by regional standards with 32 players and an incredibly diverse field of players and armies.  In the end I did better than I thought I would with 2 wins and 3 losses. Only one of those loses was severe at 2-18 (making this I think my first event without a 20-0 result), the other two were pretty close and one was very nearly a win over the eventual Tournament winner and his Dark Eldar.  It was only a last minute objective steal that flipped the final score in his favor.  I ended up in 30th place at the end of things.  Comp scoring dropped me down quite a bit as I got 10/25 vs. 22-25/25 for the majority of the field.  On Battle Points alone I would have finished 23rd so I'm happy.

Hagen did a great job organising and running the event.  It was somewhat strange as I'm used to going to WHFB/FOW events where I know everyone.  While there were a lot of WHFB orphans there it was good to meet and come across a lot new faces.  The games were all enjoyable, I picked up a lot of ideas and have already registered for Call to Arms the next 40k event on the calendar.

Anyway Battle Reports to come soonish in the interim here are the tables from the event and pictures of most of the armies that were there.  I didn't get photos of all of them as they weren't all set up for the parade.

The Armies
Sam Whitt's Blood Angels the very deserved winner of Best Painted