May 9, 2018

Imperial Guard get their first run

Took what will eventually be my Cadian 317th Regiment "The Lost and Forlorn" out for their first game last night.  Went up against a fun Genestealer cult last that was popping out everywhere, charging everything and hitting like a ton of really heavy armour piercing bricks.  Fun game and I learned a few things from it, which was the whole point - lose and learn, then get better.  Basic 1500 pt list consisting of

Cadian Battalion
Company Commander
3 x Squads w. Lascannon
2 x Manticores
Mortar Squad

Cadian Spearhead
Knight Commander Pask w. H/Flamer and Plasma Cannon
3 x Leeman Russ w. Lasconnon & Plasma Cannons 

Lessons learnt 
  • You get a lot of models for 1500pts in a Guard army and its kind of hard to fit them all into your deployment zone; especially when its one of the more narrow types.  Need to think deployment ahead more.
  • Leman Russ tanks are not Skyweavers/Starweavers - they cannot get into combat then fall back and shoot.  Seems simple but I've never liked being static.  
  • Deploy units closer together - I forgot about the whole orders thing and had them separated.
  • Guard gun line - deploy, mass your firepower shoot and then advance in latter turns
  • Guards are squishy... every dice roll I was thinking a 4++ would have saved that...
  • Flamers on tanks are probably a good idea

It was quite interesting being on the receiving end of a fast moving army that dishes out a lot of close combat attacks where every model has an invulnerable save and there are Psykers galore.  Now I know how certain opponents felt when facing my Harlequins.

Still an enjoyable game.  I like the look of my Guard army but do need to alter what I have been buying somewhat.  Army is based around 3 of the Getting Started Sets and a couple of extra vehicles hence the extra Leman Russ tanks and the Manticores - mainly to keep costs down.  Think what I'll do though is pick up some more infantry, grab some more Scions (i have 2 lots), and maybe a Psyker or 2.   Either way I'll be playing these guys exclusively for a few weeks till the new Harlequin codex comes out.  

April 30, 2018

Hobby Update - Harlequins

Attended another teams event at Kapiti over the weekend 4 teams from around the lower North Island going head-to-head in 5 rounds of 40k action.  Took my Harlequins with an accompanying Wraith Knight and had a blast.  Highlights were a 7 turn down to the very last dice roll 9-11 loss vs. a really nice looking Tau army and then a 14-6 win against my favourite army of the weekend a Bloodletter Horde, Bezerker Horde, Kharn and Kharydis Assault Claw CSM army.  Thought the idea behind that CSM list was just superb and while it was brutal it was damn fun to go up against. 

Other than winning my key aim over the weekend was taking home the best painted army competition which to be honest was a key reason for taking my Wraith Knight, that and its cool and I wanted to.  In the end I played 5, won 2 (13-7, 14-6) and lost 3 (9-11, 5-15 and 0-20) finished 14th individually and took home the prize I wanted.

Currently on the painting table is my next lot of Imperial Guard.  Have enough now for 1500 points so time to start using them I think

February 23, 2018

Scions, Guard & Harlequin updates

Finished first lot of Scions and a Command Squad for my Guard.  Also begun work on updating my Harlequins focusing on giving all of the individual models checkerboard patterns.


January 31, 2018

Guard Manticores completed

Picked up two of these from a mate over the weekend.  Spent the last day or two painting them up.