May 22, 2016

Khorne Daemonkin Tournament Army - Final List

Finally decided on a list to take to Maelstrom in 4 weeks time.  Going with a Khorne Daemonkin Combined Arms Detachment.  While I have been practicing with and using a Blood Host almost exclusively the last few months it has limitations especially the lack of heavy firepower and the lack of objective secured troops.  Not having a massive model collection I'm somewhat restricted in what I can take so the whole look I have 40+ Flesh Hounds lists taken to Adepticon are out.  Consequently, I'm going to fall back on my try and tested method of "building a list around models I like"...

My 1500pt army on its display board all ready to go
Getting some practice in with it this coming weekend against other tournament attendees so we'll see how it goes but I'm pretty much sold on taking this as I like it.

May 18, 2016

Summoned BloodThirsters kind of suck?!?

Got a final ruling from Hagen the TO at the 40k event I'm going to next month as he knows what he's doing and getting the TO's opinion makes sense.  Pretty much in line with what I'd been reading and dreading in regards to how you play a Blood Thirster summoned via Blood Tithe.  Rule interpretation is:

  • Tithe points spent at start of turn (a)
  • Blood Thirster arrives via Deep Strike - assume scatter as normal.
  • As a FMC he arrives Swooping, cannot move or assault.
  • Turn (a) + 1 he can move and switch to glide, still no assault.
  • Turn (a) +2 he can assault.
So basically, unless GW come out with a FAQ specifically directed at KD and summoned creatures the rules of the game effectively make summoned Blood Thirsters a complete waste of points.  With a Slaughtercult your better off spamming other stuff or going with Apocalyptic Fury and formation wide FNP.  

Rules are rules but it can't be what the intent behind the rules are as it means in a 6 turn game a Blood Thirster summoned in Turn 5 will never see combat, in Turn 4 will only see combat in Turn 6 and in Turn 3 will only see combat in Turns 5 & 6.  They can still shoot with their RNG 12" S6 Assault 1 Lash of Khorne but a Melta does the same job for less points. 

Won't change my list as I'll still take one but will just adjust my tactics and spend Tithe points a lot earlier. 

May 13, 2016

WIP #2 - Bloodthirster of Khorne painting & summoning rules problem

Finished of the main parts of the wings and started work on the bronzed/gold elements of the armour. Bronze areas used a base of GW Burnished Gold followed by 2 layers of Sepia Wash.  I'll dry brush Mithril Silver on them later on.  Wings relied on dry brushing and layering.  To get the symbols on the wings to stand out they were given a light wash of Nuln Oil and Sepia Wash, turned out better than I thought they would.

May 5, 2016

WIP - Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage

Skin on the Bloodthirster is completed.  Last layers and small highlights were applied and the final wash put on.  Next up will be the wings which after a suggestion from my 9yr old I am really wishing I had painted blue rather than the flesh tone that I am going for.  Basing also done using the same Vallejo Still Water product used on my display board - unfortunately most of it ran off the base as I didn't seal the edge properly so it will need another layer applied but you should get the general idea.

No 40k gaming tonight as I'm playing Indoor Cricket but aiming to get a few more games in next week in preparation for my first ever 40k event which is only 4 weeks away now.  Expecting to get stomped but to have a lot of fun doing it.

The images are all quite large so click on them to get the best view.

The paints I used to finish off the skin in the order used from left to right.  Mephiston Red base + wash + Mephiston red again as the primary colours and then watered down layers/highlights after that.  Bloodletter glaze has gone on all of larger models as it seems to even the colours out quite nicely especially on vehicles.  Had to switch to Nuln Oil as I ran out of my preferred Drakenhoff Nightshade and Mighty Ape didn't have any in stock.  Normally, I stay clear of Nuln Oil as I found the first few batches of it were excessively dark but this one was just right.

April 30, 2016

40k State of the Game Survey

Found this online today very interesting reading.  Its a bit light on details about the methodology so as an academic I'm not entirely trusting of the results - the sample size isn't that great for example and participant self-selection tends to skew results - but its still extremely interesting nonetheless. Now just imagine for a minute if GW did something like this or even just paid attention to it.  You can get the results and access to the full report here.

Some of the findings are what you would expect e.g. spending habits but there are a couple of interesting ones:

  • Advertising responsible for 5% of players getting into the game, but zero players with less than 5 years experience.
  • Hobby stores ability to get new players into the game has been declining.
  • Older gamers spend the most money, not new players.
  • 50% of all spending is done online
  • 91% of respondants play 40k video games which is notable only for what it says about the respondants in the survey sample.  I would suggest that this figure would be significantly lower across the 40k population as a whole.  The 91% reflective of this being an internet survey.
  • 64% of players use non-GW paints, but not necessarily exclusively.
  • A majority play now defunct games such as WHFB & Mordheim, only 21% play Age of Suckmar most within the new gamer bracket.
  • No one seems to like GW much outside of their fluff and miniatures.
And finally surprise surprise Eldar are the best of Chaos the worst (+ Sisters) armies.