July 24, 2008

1500pts High Elves for 2v2 July 24th

Redid my list for tonights 2v2 match as I finally got the superglue to work on my metal models. Keeping it fairly simple and going with:

20xPhoenix Guard (343 pts)
w. Banner of Arcane Protection
20xSpearmen (211 pts)
w. Lion Standard
20xSpearmen (195 pts)
11xDragon Princes (415 pts)
w. Warbanner & Drakemaster w. Sword of Might
1xMounted Noble (163 pts)
w. Biting Blade & Loremasters Cloak
1xNoble on Foot (166 pts)
w. Battle Standard, Temakador's Gauntlets, Sword of Battle

TOTAL: 1493 pts

They Wood Elves I'm teaming up with will provide the magic, missle fire and skirimishers my guys will just smash through the middle :)