July 15, 2008

1500pts Dwarf - 17th July

Only 1500 pts, but we agreed on use of proxy figures which gives me slightly more options. Going with:

Thane (156 pts) - "General"
w. Oath Stone, G/Weapon, Shield, Runes of Fortitude, Stone & Striking
Thane (155 pts)
w. Oath Stone, Battle Standard, Runes of Stone, Cleaving & Striking x 2
19 x Hammerers (265 pts)
w. Shields, Standard Bearer & Musician
19 x Warriors (209 pts)
w. Great Weapons & Shields
20 x Longbeard Rangers (335 pts)
w. Shields, G/Weapons, Throwing Axes, Std. Bearer & Musician
10 x Thunderers (140 pts)
Cannon (150 pts)
w. Master Rune of Defence & Engineer w. Brace of pistols
Bolt Thrower (90 pts)
w. Rune of Penetrating

TOTAL - 1500 pts

Tactics will depend upon terrain set up, but plan on setting up close to one edge and on an angle across the deployment zone to deny one flank and close off the other. Hammers & Warriors in the centre with the Warriors & Hammerers attached. Thunderers and War Machines to protect whatever flanks are open. Rangers to either go forward or support warmachines depending upon terrain.