July 29, 2008

Warhammer Battle Report 5000pts (Part 2)

Ambush at the Brettonian Crossroads
5000pts. Dwarves vs. Chaos (proxies allowed)

Battlefield Supremacy scenario
Main Objective - Crossroads 10pts
Secondary Objectives - 2xWells 5 pts each

Lord Kurgan Hadrinsson sighed gently as the body of Gyrocopter pilot was taken away to be buried. He had died bravely to bring him the news that Karak Hrin was under attack, and that Archeon himself was waiting to ambush him on the road back to the hold. He knew now that his march North some 36 hours previously had been a trap, he and his army lured out of the hold by Chaos traitors within Karak Hrin seeking to get the Hold's main force out from under its defensive positions. Looking over his accompanying Thanes Lord Kurgan tightened the buckles on his armour and called for his ShieldBearers.

"Deploy the army and prepare for battle we have no choice now but to face Archeon here in the open on ground not of our choosing. Our brothers wait for us in Karak Hrin, where even now the Hordes of Chaos assualt them. We will win through here today, we have no other choice, for we are all that stands between the Old World and Darkness ever lasting."

With those final words Kurgan grasped his mighty Battleaxe, mounted his shield and marched out to do battle against Archeon and the Hordes of Chaos.

The Battlefield
The battle was fought out over a non-standard sized table, with 15" deep deployment zones due to its greater depth, width was a shade under 6ft. Key features were the crossroads in the centre, which were bounded by a rock wall that it was agreed would take 1 turn to cross/charge, but which did have a couple of gaps in it which could be moved through normally. 3 large forests were also present including one in the Dwarf deployment zone near the bottom of the map allowing some cover for warmachines. Only a single hill was available, claimed early by the Dwarves. The remaining two objectives were in the top-right and bottom-left hand corners of the board. Each was worth 5 points.

Kurgan Hadrinsson deployed first placing a strong guard around the 1st minor objective in the bottom left hand corner, including 2 units of Quarrellers, 2 warmachines and 2 units of Warriors. The right flank was guarded by a unit of Slayers and another war machine, and also included the armies Runesmiths who were positioned deep within the forest to protect them from Chaos magic.

In the centre of the Dwarven line were the strongest units - the Hammerers each accompanied by a Lord, including Kurgan himself on the left - a unit of Ironbreakers and 1 of Longbeards. A Flame Cannon and 2 units of missle troops accompanied the central group. At the top of the board, Archeons forces while numerically smaller in number were far stronger in combat power and especailly magic and deployed in typical style. Fast units on either flank and strong melee units in the centre, flyers in between.

Turns 1-2
Before deciding initiative and the first movement of the battle, Kurgan Hadrinsson made his first and perhaps biggest mistake of the battle. Enacting the Strollaz's rune held by his armies Battle Standard Bearer, he advanced the centre of his army directly toward the key crossroads, with the Slayers abandoning their right flank position to move out with the main force. Perhaps, spurred into action by the frightening presence of Archeon before him, and worried by the large number of mages/warlocks on Chaos side Kurgan abandoned his initial battle plan in favour of closing rapidly with the enemy.

Chaos responded immediately and in the manner expected. Their fast units raced forward on either flank, and the mighty Chaos Dragon - which had caused the death of the brave Gyrocopter pilot at the feet of Lord Duregar Stromnisson some 12 hours previously - winged its way over the battlefield. Before the Dwarven artillery and missle troops could respond the first wave of Chaos magic began to hit the battlefield. Hidden in the forest, the Dwarven Runesmiths bravely attempted to dispel its effects but with 17 Chaos power dice to their 7 dispel dice and 3 dispel scrolls they couldn't last for long.

On either flank the Dwarven warmachines and missle troops responded, scoring key wounds on the Chaos Dragon and various Demon's advancing rapidly toward them. But in the centre the Dwarven troops could only look on in horror at the size and strength of the advancing Chaos horde, and in particular the imposing figure of Archeon Lord of Chaos. Deep in his heart Kurgan began to realise that by abandoning his initial battleplan he may have doomed his army. As Chaos Warriors advanced toward him in the centre of the battlefield, he issued the only order left to a true, brave and stout Dwarven Lord.


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