July 29, 2008

Warhammer Battle Report 5000pts (Part 3)

Ambush at the Brettonian Crossroads
5000pts. Dwarves vs. Chaos (proxies allowed)

Battlefield Supremacy scenario
Main Objective - Crossroads 10pts
Secondary Objectives - 2xWells 5 pts each

Turns 3 - 6

Charge!!!! The battlecry of Lord Kurgan Hadrinsson rang out across the battlefield and the Dwarves of Karak Thorinkin charged forward straight at Archeon and his accompanying Chaos Knights. Bravely accepting Archeons challenge Lord Kurgan is struck down almost immediately, the Chaos Lords maelstrom of attacks proving too great even for this battle proven Dwarf. Around his body his Hammerer bodyguard fight valiantly against the Chaos Knights and Archeon, but are no match for them. One-by-one they are ritually slaughtered and are trampled beneath the hooves of Chaos horses.

To their right the Thanes leading the other Dwarven have no time to mourn Kurgans death or that of his bodyguard, as they are charged by Chaos Warriors and Chariots and drawn immediately into combat. Attacked on multiple sides by faster Chaos units the Dwarves of Karak Hrin rally around their Thanes Oath Stones and opt to fight to the last, realising as they do so their now dead Lords initial mistake in advancing so far forward so quickly.

Only on the right is some success to be found with the suicidal bravery of a small group of Troll Slayers sees them destroy 2 units of Warhounds and a Chaos Chariot before running full tilt into the imposing bulk of a Chaos Demon. It is only their bravery, that prevents their comrades in the centre being fully surrounded, their unbreakable spirit stopping the Chaos left from fully enveloping them.

Behind them the remainder of the Dwarven army can only watch on in dispair as their Lord and the bulk of their infantry are slowly surrounded, battered by Chaos magic and decimated by repeated Chaos attacks. The war machines counted on to protect the main Dwarven units have been destroyed or are themselves fighting for their lives against Chaos Spawn, Dragons and Screamers. In the forest the Runesmiths have expended their last Runes of Spellbreaking leaving the Dwarven army almost unprotected against the might of Chaos magic.

Bravely the army of Karak Thorinkin holds on, grinding out minor victories in combats across the board. A brief respite is found when one of the Gyrocopters dispatched from the hold returns and launches a series of successful attacks on the Chaos cavalry. However, it is too late to save the Dwarven army from defeat. Knowing that they have no place to run too, and unwilling to run even if they did, the remaining Dwarven forces fight on into the darkness.

Night falls and Chaos is triumpment. Lord Kurgan and the majority of the Dwarven army have been destroyed. The battlefield is littered with Dwarven corpses that shine horribly as the setting sun baths the entire field in red as crows begin to feast on what remains after the army of Chaos has had its fill. To the rear of the cross-roads those few Dwarves left alive rally around the surviving Runesmiths and the Battle Standard and under cover of Darkness begin the long march back to Karak Thorinkin. Behind the night echoes to the vile sound of Archeons laughter as he and his army feast on the souls of their dead comrades...

... many leagues to the East, the Chaos fient against Karak Thorinkin has been destroyed and Lord Duregar Stromnisson now looks northward toward the Brettonian crossroads. The setting sun is turning the sky blood red and still no word has come about the fate of his kinsmen Kurgan. Sighing he turns back ready to return to his hall to await the dawn. As he does so the sound of demonic laughter echoes through the surrounding mountains. Bowing his head he weeps, knowing that his kinsmen and his army are dead and that now the sun will not rise again over Karak Thorinkin.

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