July 29, 2008

Warhammer Battle Report 5000pts (Part 1)

The Chaos assault on Karak Thorinkin
5000 pts - Dwarves (Kurgin Hadrinsson) vs. Warriors of Chaos (Archeon)
Deep in his mountain hold of Karak Thorinkin Lord Duregar Stromnisson read with growing unease the reports of the latest Chaos invasion of the Old World. Advancing south through the lands of the Humans Archeon the great lord of Chaos had swept all before him and was now fast approaching the homelands of the Dwarves. As his old eyes swept the list of forces available to him for meeting the Chaos horde a messengar arrived.

"Lord... they are here"


"The Army of Chaos my Lord they have approached the gates and are preparing to attack the hold"

Reacting quickly Duregar issued a string of orders sending messengars running to every part of the hold as the call to battle went out. All over Karak Thorinkin doughty warriors donned their heavy armour and sharpened their axes, crossbowmen and thunderers readied their weapons and raced to firing positions on the holds defensives, and the stout and deadly Hammerers and Ironbreakers (of which there were never enough) all prepared to meet the oncoming demon spawn of Chaos. Their preparations were marked with concern though. The news of the Chaos armies approach could not have come at a worse time. Duregar's kin Kurgan Hadrinsson and a significant part of the Hold's army had marched away from the hold not 36 hours before to support clansmen further north. Now more than ever Duregar needed this force to return.

From a look out high on Karak Thorinkins huge walls Duregar looked out to the plains below into a sea of Chao Knights, Warhounds, Demons and other foul beasts. But numerous as they were, something was wrong... Archeon was not present... despite all reports to the contrary he had not marched directly to the gates of Karak Hrin.

"Send out the Gyrocopters - find Archeon, where is his main force, and find Kurgan Hadrinsson we need him here"

A full day had passed now and there was still no word, the first assaults of the Horde of Chaos had been easily beaten back Dwarven warmachines taking a terrible toll on the foul beasts as they launced attack after attack against the hold's defences. But still no news of Archeon and more importantly no news of Kurgan and his force, a force which would end the battle in the Hold's favour smashing into the rear of the Chaos horde acting as the Hammer against the Hold's defensive anvil.

Suddenly, a whirring noise was heared. Overhead, a Gyrocopter battered and torn raced toward the lookout and Lord Duregar. Looking on with concern Duregar could only watch as it crashed not 10ft from him. Racing to its cockpit Duregar saw with horror the hideous burns over the face and body of the pilot, burns that could only have come from the mouth of a Dragon.

"My Lord... I have found Lord Kurgan he marches toward the Hold even now."

"But what of Archeon, and where are the other pilots who set out with you?"

"Alas my Lord I.... I am am all that remains... the crossroads the roads that lead from Bretonnia to the Hold... ambushed... Archeon himself... Chaos Demons and a Great Dragon..."

"What of them in what direction does Archeon move?"

"He... he doesn't Lord he is waiting, waiting for Kurgan in ambush... Spies saw him march away... we... told Lord Kurgan, but his force will not... I have failed my Lord...."

With that the pilots last breath left his body. Silence descended upon the look out broken only by the sounds of battle coming from far below.

"So it is done then. The attack on the Hold is but a fient. Chaos intends to keep us here while our army is destroyed marching to relieve us."

Standing and looking Northwest Duregar's old eyes scanned the distant horizon seeking out the small range of forested hills that marked the Brettonian crossroads seeking some sign of the battle he knew must be raging there.

"Griminar protect them... there is nothing we can do for them now."

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