July 21, 2008

Car crash & poor painting choices

Oops, not a good way to end the weekend crashed the car - the new one too *sigh* - and managed to right off the suspension, steering and part of the chassis. Not sure how long it will take to fix or what the final cost will be - you have to love having insurance :)

I really don't learn my lessons either painted some stuff in poor light last night and looked at the end results this morning and they were shit. I mean honestly what was I thinking. Still did get some good work done though and I managed to finish off my 15mm Medieval English. Flesh Wash on horses works a treat, and I'm going to do the same to all of my Warhammer Dwarves now as well.

Speaking of Dwarves on Saturday I did finish painting the Longbeards command group I had purchased a while back. They were by far the most enjoyable models I have painted so far, and they actually came out very nicely. Now I just have to see what cash is left over from the car crash and buy 3-4 more packs to get a nice big unit of 20 Longbeards all fully kitted out.