July 4, 2008

Warhammer Battle Report 2250pts

High Elves vs. Wood Elves
2250 pts

Close loss against the Wood Elves last night - damn things have so many extra attacks and special rules its frightening. Opponent is one of those guys who knows the rules inside out as well so the game went really quickly. To be honest it was the first Warhammer match I havent actually enjoyed. No conversation just dice rolls. Still learned a few lessons:
  • Deployment is key - I stuffed it up from word go, forgot to account for skirimishers, and lost my mage/general in turn 1 then had my Spearmen shot to shreds before they could get into combat with anything.
  • Flank charges work but NOT when the mass of the enemy are missle troops who wipe you out before you get to them. My Dragon Princes were chewed up before they got within charge range.

Should be better game next week though, 2250 pts my Dwarfs against Toshies Chaos guys.