July 14, 2008

Warhammer Battle Report 2000pts

Ok the shooting based game plan didnt work out so well. First couple of turns went OK except that the cannons fell short in the first turn and failed to do any damage. Quarrellers and Thunderers managed to decimate Toshi's large unit of Chaos Warriors - about 30 of them from memory - and I scored a few hits on other units but not enough. 30 dice rolls to hit against one unit and only 4 wounds!!!!

Distance meant I had 3 turns of shooting before he came within charge range and in that time my Rangers overran one of his marauder units but then took themselves out of the game by ending up to far away from the rest of the combat. Also managed to wipe out 2 units of wardogs and another unit of maruaders, but then his close combat guys charged in and the plan fell to bits. With no warriors or other close combat units my shooters got torn to shreds, although some managed to hold out longer than expected. One mild victory came with my Runesmith challenging and defeating his battle standard bearer and a Master Engineer chopping his way through a unit of cavalry. But after that it was all down hill. Final tally was about 8 standards and 3 table quarters to Toshi and 1 standard and table quarter to me. An overall loss by 2000+ points.

Lessons learned:
- Shooting must always be backed by close combat units
- Cannons are good but you shouldnt rely on them too much
- Weaker units dont need standards, it gives away victory points

My deployment was definately better though.