July 18, 2008

Warhammer Battle Report 1500pts

1500pt match number 3 vs. Toshi, and one I was more confident about as I am starting to get to grips with my army and how to use it. His army had the usual units in it, and consisted (from memory) of: 1 large unit of chaos warriors of korn (25-30), 1 unit of maruaders, 2 units of beast or dogs or whatever they are called, 2 of those big demon thingys, 2 chariots, an aspiring champion, another champion on a demonic mount, and a mage w. the Lore of Steel.
Anyway I thought I would do things differently this time and present the battle report in graphical format. First up the MAP KEY & our deployment - Chaos in red, Dwarves in blue.

Deployment started with Chaos going first and choosing top half of board. Terrain consisted of two hills on either side a couple of forests, a rocky outcrop centre right and a hedgerow. Chaos deployment put the fast units on either flank along with demons and Chaos warriors on his right. I was planning on anchoring my line between the rocky outcrop and the 1st forest with my Slayers taking care of my right flank. So had Quarrellers and Cannon on the left and Hammerers and Warriors in centre. Longbeards and Slayers on right.
Chaos fast units advance on either flank, except for Demon things which got some bad movement rolls. Quarrellers and Cannon shooting proves ineffective, with a Chaos warrior managing to avoid a cannon ball using his 6+ ward save - oh look there it is, I think I'll duck.

A couple of key events in this turn. Chaos unleashes its magic which starts to have a devestating effect on my Dwarf Units - 2D6 S4 magical hits allowing no armour save is not good for anyone. After a successful dispel in Turn 1 I can't repeat it this time and the Hammerers get pounded losing 6/19 figures. Quarrellers shooting is more effective killing 4/5 Beast Dogs who pass their break test, and the Cannon manages to kill 3 Chaos Warriors. Key problem as the Longbeards and Slayers advance on the right, the 2nd Chaos Chariot does a sharp right turn to approach my center. Key victory is the charge of the Slayers forcing the Beast Dogs/Maruaders to flee on the right.

On the Dwarven right flank things look good. The fleeing Chaos unit fails to rally and keeps on going, and the Slayers charge home into the Demon, 2 unbreakable units fighting eachother!!! The Longbeards loop around the rocky outcrop but get nailed by more Chaos magic losing around 6/19 figures. In the centre the Hammerers charge into the Chaos Warriors but go in unsupported as a Chaos chariot hits the accompanying Warriors in the right flank. On the left, the Demon charges into the Cannon and is wounded by its Engineer, and the Chariot and Marauder charge into the Quarrellers hiding in the foreset.

Things are still in the balance at this point, but are favouring Chaos more. On the right the Slayers and Demon continue to fight it out. In the centre the Chaos Chariots flank attack fails and it is forced to flee right into the charge path of the Longbeards who have emerged from behind the rocky outcrop. In the centre the Hammerers are taking terribly punishment and are reduced to less than half strength, but being stubborn they continue to hold on. But horror of horrors the Dwarven General is killed in an ill-concieved challenge against a Chaos Lord and his Demonic mount. On the left, the Demon overruns the Cannon, and the Quarrellers cannot hold out against the flanking Chariot and are also destroyed.


Now things go really peared shaped for the Dwarves, despite a couple of good victories on the right flank. 1st the Slayers dispatch the Demon and then the Longbeards overwhelm the Chaos Chariot with their accompanying Thane scoring 3 S8 hits on it killing it instantly (S4 + GW + MR Kragg the Grimm + 2 Runes of Cleaving = S8). The fleeing Marauders/Dogs have run off the table leaving the entire right half of the battlefield in Dwarven hands. On the left though things are looking very grim. Free to join the Hammerers in combat against the Chaos Warriors, the Dwarves charge in only to be hit by magic on the way and once again decimated by a number of magical strikes. Even so they join the combat, but only in time to see the Hammerers unit reduced to just 3 stout Dwarves. Worse is too come with the Demon to their rear charging into the Warriors forcing them to fight on 2 sides.


This turn spells the deathknell of the Dwarven centre. On the right the Longbeards and Slayers are effectively out of the game to far away to get involved. In the Centre the Warriors are forced to flee after their accompanying Thane w. Battle Standard is killed fighting yet another illconceived challenge. As they run they are overtaken by the Demon to their rear and wiped out. Only the 3 Hammerers remain to fight it out in the centre by turns end.

RESULT - Solid Victory to Chaos by approx. 600 points.

Final thoughts

This was a thoroughly enjoyable match, but one in which I once again made some fundamental errors and failed to capitalise on my armies strengths. Among the lessons I learned were:

  • Stubborn units are worth their weight in gold, but they must be supported.
  • Slayers work well in large units and are great for holding a flank.
  • Longbeards benefit your army best when used with your main troops.
  • Don't rely too heavily on Cannons.
  • Avoid challenges unless your Thane is tricked out with character killing runic items.

I would actually like to play this particular scenario again, but next time I would include a RuneSmith. While I lost - AGAIN - I did get some better results, namely rolling up the right flank and some good use of the Hammerers. So things are looking up.