July 2, 2008

Fields of Glory or the Evil 15's

Things are never as simple as they seem. There I am all ready to get stuck into Warhammer and what happens a new game comes out - Fields of Glory - which is just as good and just as addictive. So what do I do? I spend more money (thank God my wife doesn't know how much) and get the rulebook etc and order a whole load of 15mm figures in from the UK. Starting out with a 15mm Hundred Years War English Army (Continental).

FOG Rulebook & Late Medieval Army List Book

Still I've gotten a lot of use out of them, including a great weekend tournament last month NICON 2008. Managed four games over the two days - each 4 hours long. Lost 2 against Late Imperial Romans and War of the Roses English, drew 1 against Medieval Germans and won 1 against Carthaginians. Another set of army books comes out soon the Wolves of the Sea one looks good - Vikings and Dark Age English.