July 2, 2008

Getting Started

Let me see - had lots of toy soldiers as a kid, the little plastic airfix ones I still see around occassionally, and played Dungeons and Dragons for a while as well. Thats the original Dungeons and Dragons - the Red Basic Rulebook the Blue Expert Rulebook - dabbled in AD&D when it first came out but couldnt really afford it. Stopped playing for a long time then got a nice high paying job that allows me the time and (more importantly) the money to get stuck into Warhammer Fantasy, the game I have always wanted to play. Like D&D only a whole lot better.

As chance would have it one of my brothers also plays Warhammer and after a few muck arounds with his huge collection (Empire, Dark Elves, Chaos, Orcs & Goblins, Dwarves & High Elves) I ordered the 7th Edition rulebook and a unit of High Elf Spearmen. That was 6 months ago, and since then its gotten slightly out of hand.

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