July 2, 2008

High Elf Collection

Well I got tired of having my butt kicked as a Dwarf so I got my High Elves of the shelf a few weeks back and with a few more TradeMe additions have been busy painting away. Have a fairly respectable list now and can field 2-2,500+ points relatively easily. Only drawback is a lack of key special units - Swordmasters, Phoenix Guard and Shadow Warriors - but I can still field the following:
  • 2 Mages - 1 mounted
  • 2 Nobles - 1 mounted, 1 with Battle Standard
  • 72 Spearmen (32 new edition models, 40 old edition with no shields)
  • 40 Archers (all old stuff)
  • 5 Dragon Princes
  • 8 Silver Helms
  • 2 Repeater Bolt Throwers

Painting them makes a nice change from the Dwarves. The High Elves are all my own work as the TradeMe stuff came undercoated and that was it. Have gone with traditional blue and white colour scheme for all - although the white is driving me nuts as it never looks glossy or clean enough.

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