July 2, 2008

My old AAO signature

I must have played Americas Army for 3 years - from v1.9 through to v2.6. Awesome online game especially if you are a member of a great clan, as I was - {CBL] Carebearlove. Played a lot of tournament stuff too - TWL and CAL in the Open Division. Anyway found my old forum signature - which someone did for me, artwork is freaking awesome. My AAOTracker account is still active too - only has 5,505 kills on it though, should be 10,000+ but I reset it at least once, maybe twice, can't really remember.

Sometimes I really miss playing AAO and especially all the friends I made over that 3 year period. Many of them are still playing. Two in particular - Shadow and Conman - are still going strong with TeamRedemption. Carebearlove however died some 3 1/2 years ago.

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