July 16, 2008

My painting efforts

Finally took some photos of 'some' of my Warhammer stuff, couldnt get the kind of shots I wanted though as our digital camera is causing problems - I fiddled with the settings a while back and can't fix them so it's gone all screwy. First up are the High Elf Dragon Princes I have been working on for the last couple of weeks - taking me a while as its hard to find the time to sit down and paint, that and I couldnt figure out what colour scheme to use.

I was experimenting with shading and highlighting on these guys and have kind of got it sorted, but still need to work on it. The layering technique is what escapes me right now, building up multiple thin coats of successfully lighter shades to create a deeper effect. I understand the principle but the application is proving difficult. As you can see the models are missing some arms and their shields, they won't get either until I can fix my glue issue. Had to stop painting for a bit as well as I have run out of Enchanted Blue.

Next up is the High Elf Noble or Prince, can be either. I got him in Australia along with a set of Mages and these were the first models I tried highlighting on mainly due to the larger surface area vs. that of Dwarfs. Still have detailing to go on this guy.

Then we have my Stumpies or Dwarfs to everyone else. Just a couple of figures to show off here first is one of the boxes containing my Dwarf army - its basically all Warriors and Quarrellers in there, plus a Master Engineer and Thane w. Battle Standard and finally a nice unit of Warriors with Great Weapons.