July 18, 2008

Overall gaming results

I was thinking on the way back from having a coffee trying to figure out just what my overall gaming history is in terms of games played and results...

Fields of Glory (HYW English 15mm)
I wasn't actually planning on getting into this game, but the guys at the club were very positive about it and as it was a new game it seemed a good place to start - nice even playing field and all that. At the NICON tournament I think the most experienced player in NZ had maybe 25-30 games under their belt. Its a good game but you really need to know your army, and the guys who have played a lot of DBM have a distinct advantage during the learning stages.

Game 1 - vs. Chris (Swiss) LOSS, bloody pikes chew you up every time ++POA in melee
Game 2 - vs. Jem (Late Republician Roman) DRAW, very very close good game
Game 3 - vs. Kelly??? - No idea here
Game 4 - vs. ??? (Early Republician Roman) WIN, over a guy playing his 1st game
Game 5 - vs. (Late Republician Roman) LOSS, huge loss to very experienced player
Game 6 - vs. (Carthaginian) WIN, big one to me even killed Hannibal
Game 7 - vs. (Late Medieval German) LOSS, close
Game 8 - vs. (War of Roses Yorkist English) LOSS, got absolutely destroyed
Game 9 - vs. Jem (Late Republician Roman) LOSS, close one

So for FOG I've played 9 games, including 4 at the NICON tournament last month, for a record of 2-1-6. Which considering I was usually up against guys with 10-20 years wargaming experience (a lot of it in DBM) was pretty good.

Well I've played this slightly longer than FOG but only just. Had my first game of this back in June 2007 down in Christchurch with my brother. He's been collecting for a while now and has a huge collection of: Empire (about 4000pts), High Elves (1000pts), Dwarves (6-1000), Orcs (2-3000), and Chaos (400-800). But he keeps increasing it all the time so he most likely has more than this now. I gave some of his figures a try and we played maybe 3 games in total. Then he was up at my place for a while and we had a few more games maybe 2 or 3. By this time I had brought my first set of Dwarves, as well as the Rulebook. Since then I've only played at the Club every Thursday. To date I think I've played 8 games with my Dwarves and 1-2 with my High Elves and have had my butt kicked in every single one of them.