July 3, 2008

1500 pts High Elves - 3rd July

Playing 1500 pts tonight - my High Elves against either Empire or Wood Elves depends on what my opponent brings. Can never remember his name though only that he talks funny. Should be interesting match either way particular with the extra cavalry units I've managed to put into my list. 1500 points or 1485 for tonight looks like this:
  • 2nd Level Mage - Silver Wand, Ring of Fury (170 pts)
  • Mounted Noble - Armour of Caledor, Foe Bane, Warbanner (152 pts)
  • Spearmen x 20 - Std. Bearer, Musician, War Banner (215 pts)
  • Spearmen x 20 - Std. Bearer, Musician (195 pts)
  • Archers x 15 - Std. Bearer, Musician (195 pts)
  • Dragon Princes x 5 - Drakemaster w. Sword of Might & Enchanted Shield, Banner of Ellyrion, Std. Bearer, Musician (240 pts)
  • Silver Helms x 8 - Std. Bearer, Musician (208 pts)
  • Bolt Thrower x 1 (100 pts)
Must remember to take camera and get a few shots in. Not sure about the Silver Helms. Dragon Princes cost only a little more, have +1 WS, 2 attacks and the use of magic. However, as I only have the 5 DP models I'm kind of stuck with the Silver Helms - at least until I convert them.