August 25, 2008

Warhammer Battle Report 2250pts

Chaos Returns
2250 pts - Dwarves vs. Chaos (Slanesh list)

Well I was going to use my High Elves for this but decided that it was time for the Dwarves of Karak Thorinkin and King Duregar Stromnisson to get some payback on Archeons Chaos horde. This time the battle would be somewhat fairer given that no special characters would be used, although this did mean that Duregar had to stay at home.

My list for the battle was fairly simple, originally it contained a couple of Runesmiths but I changed that after Toshi and I swapped lists and discovered he had no magic in it. So I went with a Dwarf Lord instead. The full list was still shooting heavy and consisted of:
- Dwarf Lord & Master Engineer
- 2 units of 20 Warriors
- 2 units of 10 Quarrellers
- 2 units of 10 Thunderers
- 1 unit of 30 Hammerers
- 2 Bolt-Throwers & 1 Cannon

Went for the standard refused flank deployment with a slight variaiton in that I positioned my infantry on both flanks, along with one unit of Quarrellers. Basic plan was to get Chaos to funnel down the middle of the map (which they did) shoot them to bits and then batter what was left with my infantry. Key though was to kill that damn Chaos Dragon first up.

Turn 1: Warmachines fail!!!

Well I got to start first which was great and went for the Chaos Dragon straight away. Unfortunately as my kitchen table is longer than normal my core missle units were out of range. I also decided to move my left flank forward to counter a couple of moves I saw coming from Chaos deployment. So *boom* the Cannon let fly first up and gets the range to the Dragon perfect before missing completely. The Bolt Thrower then did the exact same thing and the Dragon escaped unscathed when it should have died in Turn 1 - 1 hit from Cannon with D6 (due to Master Engineer) S10 wounds and 1 hit from Boltthrower at S8 (x2 RO penetrating) would have ended it right then and there.

Turns 1 - 3: Dwarven missles start the bloodbath

Chaos begins to march forward and the Dragon - which should be dead - flys off to hide behind a nearby forest along with some Beastmen and some Marauders. On my right the Spawn get a load of bad dice rolls and hardly move while the remaining Chaos guys come right up the middle where I wanted them. With 3/4 core missle units now in range I had 2 turns in which to blast them to pieces or at least 1 before the Dragon pounced. Early shooting proves promising with hits and wounds on the 2 units of Warhounds and the unit of Marauders advancing ahead of the Chaos army. Unfortunately Chaos responded by flying that damn Dragon directly behind my left flank where it.... only burns 1 yes 1 Dwarf - AH HA HA HA...

However, while its breath did very little the Dragons terro causes one BoltThrower crew to flee. But nothing else is lost as Dwarven Quarrels and Bullets absolutely destroy the first line of the Chaos Army, a single Bolt from the remaining BoltThrower wiping out an entire unit of Warhounds in one go with a great flank shot.

Turns 3 - 4: That damn Dragon & the Mighty Quarrellers

I really don't like that Dragon - it should be dead - after I wipe out the Warhounds and Marauders in the Chaos front line the Dragon flys over and hits my missle troops from the flank. With 2 breath attacks it turns one unit of Thunderers to ash and routs the Cannon. However, a passed l/ship test means that it doesnt charge on into range of the other Bolt Thrower and the Hammerers who have advanced slightly from their position behind the woods.

On the left flank a single unit of Quarrellers earns a mention in the Holds annuals of honour as it not only takes the charge of the Chaos Beastmen but breaks them, forces them to flee, and then overruns and kills them all. However, their compatriots arent so lucky as the Dragon bounces around from unit to unit leaving a host of bodies in its wake. On the right flank the Spawn have overrun the remaining Bolt-Thrower and have advanced behind the Hammerers. Only the brave decision of the Dwarven General to charge them single-handed prevents them from hitting the hammerers in the rear.

Turns 5 - 6: Bloody Stalemate & Dwarven Panic?!?!

Success - the Dwarven General kills one of the Spawn GW w. MR Kragg the Grimm and 2xRO Cleaving is just too damn powerful WS7 S8 A3 + Shield Bearers *woot*. But it does mean that the Hammerers take the charge of the Chaos Warriors without him. On the left the Bolt-Thrower crew has rallied and is returning to its machine, while the Dragon burns 11 brave Dwarven warriors to death as they seek to charge into the flank of a unit of Marauders.

Its hand-to-hand combat time now, with the Warriors fully engaged against the Marauders on the left and the Hammerers & Quarrellers against the Chaos Warriors and surviving Spawn on the right. The Mark of Slanesh (I think) 1/2's the Hammerers WS and S (that sucks) which means in 2-3 rounds of combat they only kill 1 - yes 1 - Chaos Warrior while losing 15 of their own. However, Stubborn pride allows them to continue to hold.

The last turn arrives and its looking good with the majority of the Chaos army dead and a large part of the Dwarves still intact. However, that damn dragon just keeps on burning stuff and the at the last minute 2 units of Dwarves flee in the last round of combat.

Final Result

This was, sadly to say, my best result so far a loss by only 150 pts - which could have been a really really solid victory to me had the War Machines killed that Dragon in the 1st turn and a few bad dice rolls not come at critical times. All up approx. 810 pts to me and 960 pts to Chaos.

August 11, 2008

Warhammer Battle Report 750pts (Part 1)

Border Skirimish
750 pts - Dwarves (Angrim Gadrinsson) vs. Skaven

With the death of Lord Kurgin Hadrinsson and so many of his Thanes at Ambush at the Brettonian Crossroads the Runesmiths of Karak Thorinkin were becoming ever more responsible for leading patrols along the holds borders. Word of Kurgins defeat at the hands of Archeon had spread quickly, as had news of Archeons deadly march through the Southern Empire and into Eastern Bretonnia. Severely weakened the hold was under increasing threat from the less favoured races - Ogres, Lizardmen and Orcs. Now Northern outposts were reporting Skaven incursions, small raiding parties of the vermin pillaging weakly defended settlements on the border with the Empire. The raids were usually quick, the beasts appearing rapidly from underground burning and killing before disappearing before a border patrol could arrive... but not always...

"The farmers have been moved to safety my Lord, and our forces have been deployed as you ordered we should give the vermin a nasty surprise."

"By Grimnir you are right Ulfar and the surprise will be sprung soon look the vermin approach."

Following Lord Angrim Gadrinsson's outstreched arm Ulfar scanned the horizon seeking a sign of the approaching Skaven patrol. Angrim had led their small force out from Karak Thorinkin some 6 days prior trying to draw out the Skaven raiding parties that were attacking the Hold's outlying settlements. Now a stroke of luck had enabled them to place themselves directly in the path of one such raiding party spoiling its attack on the village Ulfar and his Dwarves had just evactuated.

"I see them my Lord, although their smell does precede their bodies by some distance. As we expected their gun line is being deployed in the centre, but I see no sign of the tunnelling units we heard reports of."

"They will be there Ulfar or at least somewhere underneath us - return to your Dwarves I will join the leading Quarrellers. It is time to return these vermin to the ground permanently."

Warhammer Battle Report 750pts (Part 2)

Border Skirmish
750 pts - Dwarves (Angrim Gadrinsson) vs. Skaven

The Battlefield
Played on a 1/2 sized table 2" x 4" with minimal terrain including a large wood in the Skaven deployment zone at the top of the board (top of picture as well), a small hill in the bottom corner perfect for Dwarven artillery and a single house representing the village on the right.

The names of the Skaven units escape me, but after watching them play against Chaos and Ogres I knew their shooting could be reasonably effective. Initial deployment followed the basic refused flank set up - Warriors on one side and missle units in the centre. Only minor change was stationing of Slayers to the rear to counter any tunnelling units.

Deployment & Turn 1

Dwarves deployed first and with more units finished last as well giving the Skaven +1 on the first turn dice roll. After 2 drawn rolls, Angrim Gadrinsson achieved the initiative and was able to order his missle units to open fire on the Skaven artillery to his front.

While one Quarreller unit proved to be slightly out of range the other unit and the Bolt Throwers took a deadly toll on the Skaven artillery. The single model with the flame or acid gun in the Skaven centre was killed before it had a turn to fire, and a single bolt went through 4 ranks of Skaven infantry on the right. Skaven return fire managed to kill 2 or 3 of the forward unit of Quarrellers.

Turn 2

The tunnellers were beginning to worry me here as the chosen emerging point was right in front of my left flank. So the Quarrellers there moved forward to allow the Slayers to come up behind them and charge anything that emerged. Meanwhile the remaining missle units continued to poor fire into the Skaven artillery scoring more hits.

Skaven infantry now advanced through the village, and the first waves of magic crackled over the battlefield - however the Skaven wizards had not forseen the presence of a Runesmith and each spell failed.

Turns 3 -4

More missle fire and magic this round, and the damn tunnellers emerged but to the right of where they were expected, charging into the central unit of Quarrellers. Tragically for the Slayers they now came under a magical attack which was not dispelled and lost 6 of their number to Warp Lightning. On the right the Skaven infantry charged the Warriors on the right flank, while the accompanying Skaven wizard left them to better aim his spells at the non-engaged Dwarven units.

More Skaven magic destroyed the Bolt Thrower on the Dwarven left, but not before it managed to decimate the ranks of the mages unit killing 2/3 models in the unit. Disaster in the centre though as the Quarrellers and Lord Angrim were broken and forced to flee from the howling vermin horde that suddenly emerged from under their feet. Cut down as he tried to rally his Dwarves Angrim could only watch as the Skaven charged forward over their corpses. The Quarrellers on the left put up a stronger fight though, down to 30% of their original strength they stubbornly refused to budge.

Turn 5

Dwarven success this turn as the Skaven infantry is scattered and destroyed and their leading mage is killed after failing to cast yet another round of Warp Lightning. However, behind Ulfar and his victorious warriors the battlefield was fast becoming a Dwarven graveyard. The Skaven tunnellers returning to overrun the last remaining Bolt Thrower before turning to meet the charge of the advancing Slayers.

Turns 5 - 6

Curses the Slayers charge is a catastrophic failure as the 8 dice come up with five 1's and two 3's, no faced with whirling Skaven death the Slayers are cut down where they stand as is the sole remaining Quarreller, leaving only Ulfar and his Warriors alive and safe in the village.

Final Result

The really really horrible dice rolls with the Slayers were costly, as was their failure to dispel the Skaven Warp Lightning attack that killed 6 of their number in Turn 4/5. Yet the battle was quite close with the final points tally coming to 650 v. 500 in the Skaven's favour giving them a solid, but close, victory. Mind you having their mage blow himself up did help a great deal.

Club 750pt Tournament Results - 7th August

Major mix up this week as Toshi couldn't make it and Hank ended up playing Hordes instead of Warhammer at the beginning. The following games did go ahead though:

Skaven vs. Ogres - M to Ogres
Skaven vs. Dwarves - SV to Skaven
Skaven vs. Lizardmen - ???
Ogres vs. Lizardmen - ???

Points Table
Ogres - 15
Lizardmen - 8
Chaos - 5
Skaven - 2
High Elves - 0
Dwarves - 0

August 5, 2008

750 pts High Elves - 7th August

750pts for High Elves is not a lot especially when you have so many special options to choose from. A key advantage of the Elves over my Dwarfs is the requirement for only 1 core unit in armies under 2000 points. This means I can send out a small unit of Archers for 110 points and spend 640 on Special and/or Rare choices. However, which ones do I take? I had few options available, but again struggled to figure out what I should use, a Bolt Thrower is essential - S6 shots out to 48" with no AS is too good to pass up, but the others?

750 pts High Elves - List #1
Noble - 118 pts
w. Armour of Caledor & Great Weapon
Phoenix Guard (15) - 262 pts
w. Musician & Std. Bearer w. Banner of Arcane Protection
Archers (10) - 110 pts
Bolt Thrower - 100 pts
Dragon Princes (5) - 160 pts
w. Musician

Total - 750 pts

Shooting wise it isn't as strong as a similar sized Dwarf Army - 10 S3 vs. 10 S4 missile weapons and the weaker Bolt Thrower. However, the Phoenix Guard can take the place of both a unit of Warriors and Troll Slayers with their 4+ WS and ability to cause fear. The Dragon Princes while weaker without the Champion and with only 5 models are still useful.

750 pts High Elves - List #2
Noble - 128 pts
w. Barded Steed, Lance, Shield, Heavy Armour & Sword of Might
Dragon Princes (7) - 220 pts
w. Musician
Spears (20) - 185 pts
w. Musician
Archers (10) - 110 pts
Bolt Thrower - 100 pts

Total - 743 pts

Taking a big risk here, the absence of any magical protection means the Dragon Princes have to close hard and fast and do damage quickly before the enemy can get its spells off. Not quite sure about this list. Big problem is that a decent mage costs a minimum of 100 points which for one spell, and an extra dispel dice is not really worth it. At the moment these two lists are provisional only as I need to decide on whether to include a mage instead of the noble, or both, and whether the Princes are really worth it.

750 pts Dwarfs - 7th August

We are continuing our 750pt battles at the Club this week. I have had major issues trying to finalise the lists I will eventually use and have come down to 2 for each of my Dwarf and High Elf armies to give me some options.

For the stumpies the two lists are pretty much the same but with one important exception. In the 1st I include a unit of Ironbreakers and in the 2nd sacrifice shooting strength for a bit of flexibility. Either way the tactics are basically the same, shoot the enemy to bits then close and attack the weaker units. Making sure to include a cannon this time - in case I run into Ogres again - and a Runesmith rather than a Thane.

750 pt Dwarfs - List #1
Runesmith - 77 pts
w. Shield and Rune of Stone
Ironbreakers (19) - 253 pts
w. Musician
Quarrellers (10) - 110 pts
Quarrellers (10) - 110 pts
Troll Slayers (5) - 55 pts
Cannon - 145 pts
w. Rune of Forging & Engineer w. Brace of Pistols

The 55 pts the Rune of Forging & Engineer for the cannon are a gamble, as they could have been spent on another 5 Slayers. However, I want the Cannon to be able to get as many shots off as possible. A Master Engineer would have been good as it would give the Cannon D6 wounds but the points limit doesnt allow it and the Runesmith is essential against magic heavy Chaos.

750 pt Dwarfs - List #2
Runesmith - 77 pts
w. Rune of Stone
Warriors (19) - 176 pts
w. Shields & Musician
Quarrellers (10) - 125 pts
w. Shields & Musician
Troll Slayers (10) - 110 pts
Bolt Thrower - 115 pts
w. Rune of Penetrating x2 and Engineer w. Brace of Pistols
Gyrocopter - 14o pts

Total - 743 pts

A much weaker army in terms of straight out combat power, especially with the Warriors coming in for the Ironbreakers. However, I gain a larger unit of Troll Slayers to guard one flank and the Gyrocopter which will allow me to dictate enemy charges if used properly. The Engineer with the Bolt Thrower gives it BS 4 at S8 with the Runes of Penetrating, enough to take care of most opponents.

For last weeks match vs. Ogres I went with something broadly similar, but swapped the Quarrellers for Thunderers to give greater hitting power, a strong Thane and a Dragon Slayer w. MR Swiftness & 2 Runes of Fury (Strike First w. 5 attacks) to beef out the melee units. The Dragon Slayer worked well, but he was points I should have spent elsewhere.

August 4, 2008

Warhammer Battle Report 750pts

Border Skirmish
750pts - High Elves (Lord Barachiel Urithair) vs. Lizardmen

Lord Barachiel Urithair scanned the horizon carefully, his patrol had been returning to Ethil Gywndir when an unusual quiet settled over the nearby forest. Concerned he had halted his small force centuries of experience telling him that something was wrong. Yet the only sounds he could hear were those of his Dragon Riders horses, led by Cadaith Harathoi, stamping their hooves on the grass.

"It should not be this quiet Cadaith."

"No my Lord even the birds do not sing, which is strange on such a day as this."

Nodding in agreement Barachiel stiffened in his saddle and pointed.

"I know why the land is queit Cadaith, the forest to the East what do you see on the hill to its right?"

"Your eyesight is better than mine my Lord, I cannot... wait... Lizardmen!?!"

"Yes Lizardmen deploy the men Cadaith, and move forward into the forest we can expect scouts to be nearby and... bow fire.. skirimishers in the forest I thought as much, Archers & Spears to advance on our right move!"

Lord Urithair had been right to feel concerned as from a small copse of trees to the rear of his column arrows were flying into his levy of citizen spearmen. As his force deployed the figures on the distanct horizon grew more distinct as a large force of Skinks marched into view, behind them other figures loomed but the rays of the noon-day sun prevented Urithair from making them out.

The Battlefield
750 pts played out on 1 half of a normal 4" x 6" table with normal deployment zones. Lizardmen deployed at top of map, High Elves near bottom.

Turns 1 - 3

High Elves deploy with Archers on either flank and Dragon Princes with Lord Urithair in the centre. Aware of possibility of Lizard scouts being deployed close to them in the nearby forest, a unit of Spearmen is placed on the right flank in position to charge the woods if needed. Turn 1 starts with the Elven right flank charging a small group of Chameleons in the nearby woods forcing them to flee into the open. In the centre and on the left the Dragon Princes and Tironic Chariot both advance.

The first round of shooting begins as the Archers on the Elven left take aim at a large unit of Skinks just visible behind the distant treeline. A number of hits are caused as the Lizard battleline advances to meet the oncoming Dragon Princes.

Shooting begins to make a real impact now although not always in the way intended. Two Salamanders attempt to fire on the advancing Dragon Princes but serve only to run amok eating three of their own handlers and doing no damage on the Elves. One unit of Skinks does better though shooting down 3 of the 5 advancing Dragon Princes before their impeteous charge overruns the 2nd Skink unit to their front. The Elven Archers in the forest continue to shoot at the Chameleons who suffer in the open rapidly reducing in strength. However, the key Elven units - the Spearmen and the Dragon Princes - now find themselves in serious trouble. Unable to flee safely the Dragon Princes accept the charge of the Croxasaurs on the hill, while the Skinks and Salamanders missle fire decimates the now advancing Spearmen - who break and run.

Turns 4-6

The Spearmen rally but at half strength cannot put up much of a fight. They also lack any form of support as the archers on their left are now fully engaged against the Lizardman General, and those of their right find their targets limited.

Skinks and Salamanders continue to fire upon and decimate the remaining Spearment, as the Croxasaurs charge their flank and overrun those few still standing. Archers and Skinks continue to trade bowfire on the right, while on the left the charge of the Chariot has failed to kill the Lizard General who is being frustrated by the increasingly stubborn Elven Archers.

With the Spears destroyed the other Lizard units march to support their General as the Skinks continue to keep the Archers pinned down in the forest. Their comrades on the left though cannot hold out indefinately are eventually destroyed after 2 turns of stubborn resistance. The Chariot which should have killed the Lizard general in its charge is also destroyed, and the Elven archers find themselves alone as the battle ends.

Final result, a solid victory for the Lizardmen army - 650pts to 468pts - the key difference being the destruction of the Dragon Princes and the Lord Urithair at the beginning of the battle. Worth 300+ VP it was the killing of these units that handed victory to the Lizardmen. All up a pretty close battle that should have gone to the High Elves, and would have, but for two stupid mistakes:

  • Failed to plan ahead with the Dragon Princes charge.
  • Needed a Bolt-Thrower to shoot at the tougher Lizard units.

August 1, 2008

Club 750pt Tournament results

To make things more interesting and to get more games in, the Warhammer fraternity at my local club have started playing 750pt battles. It allows us to get 2-3 games in each every night, and makes for some fast paced action and interesting army list choices. Unofficially, I am keeping tabs on the results - because I like doing that sort of thing (spot the train spotter), and it was a very surprising first night. Biggest shock was Stephen coming in with his Ogres!!! Core choice units with 3 wounds, impact hits and multiple attacks - I mean damn!!!

The competing armies in last nights battles were:
  • Skaven (Aidan)
  • Ogres (Stephen)
  • Lizardmen (Hank)
  • Chaos (Toshi)
  • High Elves/Dwarves (Me)

Points were awarded for:

  • Massacre - 5
  • Solid Victory - 3
  • Marginal Victory - 2
  • Draw - 1 each
Lizardmen vs. High Elves - SV to Lizardmen
Dwarves vs. Ogres - M to Ogres
Skaven vs. Chaos - M to Chaos
Chaos vs. Ogres - M to Ogres
Lizardmen vs. Ogres - M to Lizardmen

Points Table
Ogres - 10
Lizardmen - 8
Chaos - 5
Skaven - 0
High Elves - 0
Dwarves - 0

All up it was a pretty successful night, with the Ogres definately stealing the show very very scary army, and Aidan showing of some great paintwork on his Skaven units. The only opponent to get the better of the Ogres were the Lizardmen who simply shot them to bits, something the Dwarves failed to do!?! Same armies next week with different match up's although my Dwarves will be staying at home this time. Photos to follow once I get my damn phone to upload them properly.