August 5, 2008

750 pts Dwarfs - 7th August

We are continuing our 750pt battles at the Club this week. I have had major issues trying to finalise the lists I will eventually use and have come down to 2 for each of my Dwarf and High Elf armies to give me some options.

For the stumpies the two lists are pretty much the same but with one important exception. In the 1st I include a unit of Ironbreakers and in the 2nd sacrifice shooting strength for a bit of flexibility. Either way the tactics are basically the same, shoot the enemy to bits then close and attack the weaker units. Making sure to include a cannon this time - in case I run into Ogres again - and a Runesmith rather than a Thane.

750 pt Dwarfs - List #1
Runesmith - 77 pts
w. Shield and Rune of Stone
Ironbreakers (19) - 253 pts
w. Musician
Quarrellers (10) - 110 pts
Quarrellers (10) - 110 pts
Troll Slayers (5) - 55 pts
Cannon - 145 pts
w. Rune of Forging & Engineer w. Brace of Pistols

The 55 pts the Rune of Forging & Engineer for the cannon are a gamble, as they could have been spent on another 5 Slayers. However, I want the Cannon to be able to get as many shots off as possible. A Master Engineer would have been good as it would give the Cannon D6 wounds but the points limit doesnt allow it and the Runesmith is essential against magic heavy Chaos.

750 pt Dwarfs - List #2
Runesmith - 77 pts
w. Rune of Stone
Warriors (19) - 176 pts
w. Shields & Musician
Quarrellers (10) - 125 pts
w. Shields & Musician
Troll Slayers (10) - 110 pts
Bolt Thrower - 115 pts
w. Rune of Penetrating x2 and Engineer w. Brace of Pistols
Gyrocopter - 14o pts

Total - 743 pts

A much weaker army in terms of straight out combat power, especially with the Warriors coming in for the Ironbreakers. However, I gain a larger unit of Troll Slayers to guard one flank and the Gyrocopter which will allow me to dictate enemy charges if used properly. The Engineer with the Bolt Thrower gives it BS 4 at S8 with the Runes of Penetrating, enough to take care of most opponents.

For last weeks match vs. Ogres I went with something broadly similar, but swapped the Quarrellers for Thunderers to give greater hitting power, a strong Thane and a Dragon Slayer w. MR Swiftness & 2 Runes of Fury (Strike First w. 5 attacks) to beef out the melee units. The Dragon Slayer worked well, but he was points I should have spent elsewhere.