August 5, 2008

750 pts High Elves - 7th August

750pts for High Elves is not a lot especially when you have so many special options to choose from. A key advantage of the Elves over my Dwarfs is the requirement for only 1 core unit in armies under 2000 points. This means I can send out a small unit of Archers for 110 points and spend 640 on Special and/or Rare choices. However, which ones do I take? I had few options available, but again struggled to figure out what I should use, a Bolt Thrower is essential - S6 shots out to 48" with no AS is too good to pass up, but the others?

750 pts High Elves - List #1
Noble - 118 pts
w. Armour of Caledor & Great Weapon
Phoenix Guard (15) - 262 pts
w. Musician & Std. Bearer w. Banner of Arcane Protection
Archers (10) - 110 pts
Bolt Thrower - 100 pts
Dragon Princes (5) - 160 pts
w. Musician

Total - 750 pts

Shooting wise it isn't as strong as a similar sized Dwarf Army - 10 S3 vs. 10 S4 missile weapons and the weaker Bolt Thrower. However, the Phoenix Guard can take the place of both a unit of Warriors and Troll Slayers with their 4+ WS and ability to cause fear. The Dragon Princes while weaker without the Champion and with only 5 models are still useful.

750 pts High Elves - List #2
Noble - 128 pts
w. Barded Steed, Lance, Shield, Heavy Armour & Sword of Might
Dragon Princes (7) - 220 pts
w. Musician
Spears (20) - 185 pts
w. Musician
Archers (10) - 110 pts
Bolt Thrower - 100 pts

Total - 743 pts

Taking a big risk here, the absence of any magical protection means the Dragon Princes have to close hard and fast and do damage quickly before the enemy can get its spells off. Not quite sure about this list. Big problem is that a decent mage costs a minimum of 100 points which for one spell, and an extra dispel dice is not really worth it. At the moment these two lists are provisional only as I need to decide on whether to include a mage instead of the noble, or both, and whether the Princes are really worth it.