August 11, 2008

Warhammer Battle Report 750pts (Part 1)

Border Skirimish
750 pts - Dwarves (Angrim Gadrinsson) vs. Skaven

With the death of Lord Kurgin Hadrinsson and so many of his Thanes at Ambush at the Brettonian Crossroads the Runesmiths of Karak Thorinkin were becoming ever more responsible for leading patrols along the holds borders. Word of Kurgins defeat at the hands of Archeon had spread quickly, as had news of Archeons deadly march through the Southern Empire and into Eastern Bretonnia. Severely weakened the hold was under increasing threat from the less favoured races - Ogres, Lizardmen and Orcs. Now Northern outposts were reporting Skaven incursions, small raiding parties of the vermin pillaging weakly defended settlements on the border with the Empire. The raids were usually quick, the beasts appearing rapidly from underground burning and killing before disappearing before a border patrol could arrive... but not always...

"The farmers have been moved to safety my Lord, and our forces have been deployed as you ordered we should give the vermin a nasty surprise."

"By Grimnir you are right Ulfar and the surprise will be sprung soon look the vermin approach."

Following Lord Angrim Gadrinsson's outstreched arm Ulfar scanned the horizon seeking a sign of the approaching Skaven patrol. Angrim had led their small force out from Karak Thorinkin some 6 days prior trying to draw out the Skaven raiding parties that were attacking the Hold's outlying settlements. Now a stroke of luck had enabled them to place themselves directly in the path of one such raiding party spoiling its attack on the village Ulfar and his Dwarves had just evactuated.

"I see them my Lord, although their smell does precede their bodies by some distance. As we expected their gun line is being deployed in the centre, but I see no sign of the tunnelling units we heard reports of."

"They will be there Ulfar or at least somewhere underneath us - return to your Dwarves I will join the leading Quarrellers. It is time to return these vermin to the ground permanently."

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