August 1, 2008

Club 750pt Tournament results

To make things more interesting and to get more games in, the Warhammer fraternity at my local club have started playing 750pt battles. It allows us to get 2-3 games in each every night, and makes for some fast paced action and interesting army list choices. Unofficially, I am keeping tabs on the results - because I like doing that sort of thing (spot the train spotter), and it was a very surprising first night. Biggest shock was Stephen coming in with his Ogres!!! Core choice units with 3 wounds, impact hits and multiple attacks - I mean damn!!!

The competing armies in last nights battles were:
  • Skaven (Aidan)
  • Ogres (Stephen)
  • Lizardmen (Hank)
  • Chaos (Toshi)
  • High Elves/Dwarves (Me)

Points were awarded for:

  • Massacre - 5
  • Solid Victory - 3
  • Marginal Victory - 2
  • Draw - 1 each
Lizardmen vs. High Elves - SV to Lizardmen
Dwarves vs. Ogres - M to Ogres
Skaven vs. Chaos - M to Chaos
Chaos vs. Ogres - M to Ogres
Lizardmen vs. Ogres - M to Lizardmen

Points Table
Ogres - 10
Lizardmen - 8
Chaos - 5
Skaven - 0
High Elves - 0
Dwarves - 0

All up it was a pretty successful night, with the Ogres definately stealing the show very very scary army, and Aidan showing of some great paintwork on his Skaven units. The only opponent to get the better of the Ogres were the Lizardmen who simply shot them to bits, something the Dwarves failed to do!?! Same armies next week with different match up's although my Dwarves will be staying at home this time. Photos to follow once I get my damn phone to upload them properly.