August 4, 2008

Warhammer Battle Report 750pts

Border Skirmish
750pts - High Elves (Lord Barachiel Urithair) vs. Lizardmen

Lord Barachiel Urithair scanned the horizon carefully, his patrol had been returning to Ethil Gywndir when an unusual quiet settled over the nearby forest. Concerned he had halted his small force centuries of experience telling him that something was wrong. Yet the only sounds he could hear were those of his Dragon Riders horses, led by Cadaith Harathoi, stamping their hooves on the grass.

"It should not be this quiet Cadaith."

"No my Lord even the birds do not sing, which is strange on such a day as this."

Nodding in agreement Barachiel stiffened in his saddle and pointed.

"I know why the land is queit Cadaith, the forest to the East what do you see on the hill to its right?"

"Your eyesight is better than mine my Lord, I cannot... wait... Lizardmen!?!"

"Yes Lizardmen deploy the men Cadaith, and move forward into the forest we can expect scouts to be nearby and... bow fire.. skirimishers in the forest I thought as much, Archers & Spears to advance on our right move!"

Lord Urithair had been right to feel concerned as from a small copse of trees to the rear of his column arrows were flying into his levy of citizen spearmen. As his force deployed the figures on the distanct horizon grew more distinct as a large force of Skinks marched into view, behind them other figures loomed but the rays of the noon-day sun prevented Urithair from making them out.

The Battlefield
750 pts played out on 1 half of a normal 4" x 6" table with normal deployment zones. Lizardmen deployed at top of map, High Elves near bottom.

Turns 1 - 3

High Elves deploy with Archers on either flank and Dragon Princes with Lord Urithair in the centre. Aware of possibility of Lizard scouts being deployed close to them in the nearby forest, a unit of Spearmen is placed on the right flank in position to charge the woods if needed. Turn 1 starts with the Elven right flank charging a small group of Chameleons in the nearby woods forcing them to flee into the open. In the centre and on the left the Dragon Princes and Tironic Chariot both advance.

The first round of shooting begins as the Archers on the Elven left take aim at a large unit of Skinks just visible behind the distant treeline. A number of hits are caused as the Lizard battleline advances to meet the oncoming Dragon Princes.

Shooting begins to make a real impact now although not always in the way intended. Two Salamanders attempt to fire on the advancing Dragon Princes but serve only to run amok eating three of their own handlers and doing no damage on the Elves. One unit of Skinks does better though shooting down 3 of the 5 advancing Dragon Princes before their impeteous charge overruns the 2nd Skink unit to their front. The Elven Archers in the forest continue to shoot at the Chameleons who suffer in the open rapidly reducing in strength. However, the key Elven units - the Spearmen and the Dragon Princes - now find themselves in serious trouble. Unable to flee safely the Dragon Princes accept the charge of the Croxasaurs on the hill, while the Skinks and Salamanders missle fire decimates the now advancing Spearmen - who break and run.

Turns 4-6

The Spearmen rally but at half strength cannot put up much of a fight. They also lack any form of support as the archers on their left are now fully engaged against the Lizardman General, and those of their right find their targets limited.

Skinks and Salamanders continue to fire upon and decimate the remaining Spearment, as the Croxasaurs charge their flank and overrun those few still standing. Archers and Skinks continue to trade bowfire on the right, while on the left the charge of the Chariot has failed to kill the Lizard General who is being frustrated by the increasingly stubborn Elven Archers.

With the Spears destroyed the other Lizard units march to support their General as the Skinks continue to keep the Archers pinned down in the forest. Their comrades on the left though cannot hold out indefinately are eventually destroyed after 2 turns of stubborn resistance. The Chariot which should have killed the Lizard general in its charge is also destroyed, and the Elven archers find themselves alone as the battle ends.

Final result, a solid victory for the Lizardmen army - 650pts to 468pts - the key difference being the destruction of the Dragon Princes and the Lord Urithair at the beginning of the battle. Worth 300+ VP it was the killing of these units that handed victory to the Lizardmen. All up a pretty close battle that should have gone to the High Elves, and would have, but for two stupid mistakes:

  • Failed to plan ahead with the Dragon Princes charge.
  • Needed a Bolt-Thrower to shoot at the tougher Lizard units.

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