September 30, 2008

Warhammer Battle Report 10000pts (Part 3)

Battle of the Void
10000 pts High Elves & Dwarfs vs. Chaos

Turns 3-6
I've tried a little experiment here and have combined the maps I usually make with the photos I took to help me remember the battle. Having some problems recalling the exact turn of events from Turns 2-4 so the detail will be a little hazy between Part 2 of the report and this Part. I apologise also as upon review there are so minor errors with how units are placed on the maps, but the overall scheme of the battle is accurate.

Turn 3 - Overview
This is where all of the major combats started to happen, principally around the central mountain objective. On my left flank the Gyrocopter, which was intended to block the advance of the Chaos Warriors & Demon positioned there, was overun. This resulted in the Chaos Warriors and the accompanying demon crashing headlong into the Dragon Princes, who once again I had advanced to far forward. I placed to much reliance on getting off the right Lore of Beasts spell in my magic round, failed and consequently didnt gain the bonus move I wanted for the Princes. If I had they would have been perfectly positioned to charge the Northern objective.

On the right flank my Dragon Mage was killed with saw his Dragon enter into a Hate filled Frenzy of bloodlust and rage. This lasted a grand total of 1/2 a turn as the Dragon was then slaughtered by Chaos Knights and Chariots advancing behind it. The screamers left the southern objective and took off toward the HE Archers and Dwarven Thunderers in the central forest. The main Dwarven units of Ironbreakers, Hammerers and Longbeards which had till now remained out of the battle now moved forward ready to join the combat.

This wasnt far off as the Chaos Knights and Ogres on the right flank charged forward running into the Quarreller units stationed there. These were rapidly overrun forcing the flight of the Bolt-Thrower crew positioned on their flank. End result was a charge by the Chaos Knights straight into the unit of Phoenix Guard who were positioned to accept it.

On the left flank Repeater Bolt and Cannon fire decimated a unit of Chaos Warriors killing around 8-10 of them and the Miners finally dropped in right next to the Chaos Hell Cannon near the Northern objective. In the centre the HE units on the mountain were wiped out and overrun, the Chaos battleline surging forward into the 2nd unit of Spears stationed on the mountains southern slopes.

Thus ended Turn 3 with nearly every large unit on or near the mountain in combat, or about to enter it.

Turn 4-6
Ah the Turn where the balance shifted yet again, this time toward the HE and Dwarven army. In the previous turn charges by Chaos Warriors and Knights had overrun 2 units of Elves and 2 of Dwarves. However, those overruns had brought them into range of the much stronger Dwarven units held in reserve near their deployment zone. Excellent movement on the part of the Dwarven units and the help of the Anvil of Doom allowed not just 1, but 2, large units of Dwarves to get a flank charge on the central unit of Chaos Knights engaged vs. the Phoenix Guard. The Ironbreakers on the left (proxied by Warrior models) and the Hammerers on the right (mix of Hammerer & Warrior models). The Ironbreakers included the Dwarven Battle Standard, while the Hammerers were led by a Dwarf Lord with a mighty waraxe that did 4 x WS7 attacks at S5 each causing D6 wounds. Now if only he could get into combat vs. the Chaos Heroes.

The initial Dwarven charge scored a large number of hits on the Chaos Knights, but not enough unsaved wounds as was initially hoped. Still the first round of combat ended in a win for the HE & D forces but Stubborn pride allowed the Chaos unit to stand its ground. This would prove to be a blessing for them as behind them a larger unit of Chaos Warriors including 2 powerful Chaos Lords was positioned to flank charge the Ironbreakers. This they duly did only for the flank charge to be foiled by the Dwarven Battle Standard Bearers placing of his Oath Stone. The challenge that followed saw a Chaos Champion crushed beneath his waraxe as the Dwarves rallied around their Lord.

However, the battle was starting to turn against the HE and D. Unable to score enough wounds on the Chaos Knights their numbers were steadily wittled down by the huge WS and S of the Chaos Heros with each unit. On the right flank the Dwarven units stationed in the Southern wood were also hard pressed.

One cannon crew making the ultimate sacrifice and using the MR of Immolation to kill those enemies who still remained to their front. But hope was present in the unit of Slayers fast approaching on the Dwarven left. Again added by the Anvil of Doom they were able to move quickly into position and flank charge the large unit of Chaos Warriors battling the Ironbreakers.

At their head was a mighty DaemonSlayer whose attacks killed 4 Chaos Warriors in the initial charge and 3 more in the 2nd round of combat.

Also approaching from the South was the recently rallied unit of Spearmen, and the 2nd unit of Longbeards. But Chaos too had reserves. On the right flank the Dragon Princes had been destroyed along with the other Dwarven missle units stationed there. The Miners to the North, lacking any support, were also cut down and it seemed that the entire HE/D army could be encircled in the huge conflaguration on the Mountains southern slopes.

Another round of combat (Turn 5) saw yet more Dwarves and Chaos fall but still the Chaos Knights remained unmoved. The Dwarven General failing to score a single hit with his D6 Wounding weapon. But it was Turn 6 that proved the decider. In the last turn of the game, a brutal Chaos assault killed 21, yes 21, Dwarves from the Ironbreakers and Hammerers effectively ending the HE/D armies hope of crushing the Chaos centre. Despite overwhelming odds the Chaos Knights had held and the battle ended as night fell on the battlefield.

End result a solid victory to Chaos by 21 points to 14 and a very very enjoyable way to end the match.

September 29, 2008

Warhamer Battle Report 10000pts (Part 2)

Battle of the Void
10000pts High Elves & Dwarves vs. Chaos

Map & Deployment
The game was played (once again) on my dining room table with an extra fold out table attached. Overall the table surface was approx 6' wide and 5' deep, maybe a little more which meant that it took 2 turns for any of the missle troops (on my side) to get into range. Cannons could still reach across board but only just and bolt-throwers and organ guns had to move up. Map was set up with 5 basic features:
  • Large mountain in centre of board with principle objective worth 2VP per player phase (that it was not contested) on top.
  • Minor objectives in each corner each worth 1VP per player hase they were not contested.
  • Small forest in SE corner inside Dwarven deployment zone & next to minor objective.
  • Larger forest in NE corner by Chaos deployment zone.
  • Small forest on E edge about level with the mountain.
Special Rules for battle were:
  • Large monsters, i.e., our dragons could see and "be seen" over the forests.
  • Units on either side of the mountain could not see eachother.
  • Units on top of the mountain could see the entire board.
  • No shooting or magic during Turn 1
Deployment & Turn 1
As stated in Part 1 deployment went in two phases and effectively added another turn. We each put down 10 units each plus warmachines in the first phase, moved those and then put down the remaining units in the 2nd phase and moved them all. Chaos deployed at top of board with huge concentration of Chaos Warriors in centre and faster units on its left flank.

The HE/D battleline at start of Deployment Phase 1
HE Spearmen look north toward the Chaos Warriors they know await on the other side of the mountain
High Elves deployed on the centre-left with the infantry in the middle where it could march quickly to take the mountain objective. A single unit of Archers and the Dragon Mage were deployed on the right, and the Shadow Warriors in the large forest to the NE to prevent the faster Chaos units from marching. Warmachines were spread fairly eveningly.

The Chaos battleline at deployment phase 1

Looking south from the Chaos battleline

First stages of movement were pretty uneventual with everyone rushing forward straight toward the objectives. Only a couple of units on each side stayed back. The SE corner objective guarded by an Organ Gun, a unit of Longbeards and some Quarrellers to the W of the forest, and a Bolt-Thrower, Cannon and unit of Warriors in the forest. Also in the forest was the Anvil of Doom and its accompanying RuneLord. These units remained there for a large part of the game.

The stronger Dwarven units of Ironbreakers and Hammerers advanced behind the Elven battleline, each careful to keep itself directly behind the hill to avoid Chaos line of sight. Those warmachines not guarding the SE objective also advanced to get closer to the Chaos troops.

Location of troops at end of deployment phase 1 and first lot of movement

Points: HE/D - 4 C - 2

Turn 2
This is when the shooting and magic finally started, and started well for the HE/D army. Those warmachines that could fire targeted the Chaos Dragon and the Hellcannon scoring multiple hits and 5 wounds on the Hellcannon, 3 on the Dragon and 1 on the Dragon rider. The Shadow Warriors also scored 2 hits on either the Chariots or the Screamers (cant remember which). None of the HE magic worked, all of it being dispelled, the Anvil wasnt used and the Sun Dragon failed to burn anything.

HE occupy the central mountain as the Chaos battleline advances toward them

Chaos responded to the wounds on its Dragon by continuing its relentless advance toward the mountain objective. On the HE/D right flank the Spawn engaged the Shadow Warriors while the faster units of Chaos Knights moved forward beyond the 8" range ready to charge next turn. The DOW cannon crewed by a group of Dwarven traitors got their just reward when their cannon misfired. The Hellcannon however killed 3 of the Dragon Princes and took 1 wound off the accompanying Prince.

Chaos fast units move past the Shadow Warriors and the 1st round of magic takes its toll (Note the single HE Archer left alive on the mountain top, out of a unit of 10)

In the centre Chaos magic rained down on the High Elves on the mountain, and on the Phoenix Guard. Strong magical protection was not enough against 2, yes 2 irrestible force casts, and an overwhelming number of power dice. The Chaos magic phase nearly wiped out the Archers on the mountain and also took wounds off 2 of the HE mages. On the HE/D right flank the Screamers flew over 2 units killing 3 HE Archers and 2 Thunderers before landing at the SE objective. Also to fall in this phase was a single Phoenix Guard, and 2 Shadow Warriors - who nevertheless remained steady against the Spawn.

Turn 3
Things start to get really ugly here and also a bit confusing. One key lesson with large scale battles is make sure you have good simple notes of what items and special abilities you have. The HE had a Banner of Sorcery that added D3 power dice that went unused throughout the battle because I simply forgot about it. Again HE magic comes to nought as it is all dispelled. The Anvil of Doom though is succesful in hitting the Chaos Dragon preventing it from flying in its next turn. However, this proves unnecessary as Dwarven artillery kills the Dragon with fire from a Cannon and a Bolt-Thrower - another wound is also scored on the Dragons rider.

On the left flank the HE bolt-throwers and the D cannon kill another 6 Chaos Warriors. However, none of the missle troops fire (or have success) as they all either move or miss this turn. Other moves are the Hammerers toward the right flank to counter a possible move by the Chaos Knights, the Gyrocopter lands between the Dragon Princes and the advancing Chaos Warriors unit, and the Dragon Mage jumps in behind the Spawn.

Warhammer Battle Report 10000pts (Part 1)

Battle of the Void
10000 pts High Elves & Dwarfs vs. Chaos

This is Part 1 of what will be a very long battle report detailing the 10,000 point epic battle Toshi and I played over the weekend. We used the same basic rules as the 25,000 point battle in the 25year issue of White Dwarf, deploying half of each army, moving it, then deploying the other half. Victory points were calculated at the end of each players phase and related to the occupation of 3 key locations one in either deployment zone and a more valuable one in the middle. It will take a while for me to work out all the details but the overall report should look like this:

  • Part 1 - The Army Lists & notes on their creation
  • Part 2 - Maps, Deployment and Initial turns
  • Part 3 - Turns 3-4
  • Part 4 - Turns 5-6 and final word

The Army Lists - Dwarves & High Elves
Creating a 10,000 point army isnt as easy as it seems. First up I had to use every, and I mean every, single model that I had to field 6000 points in Dwarfs and 4000 points in High Elves. This included a couple of proxies and some movement trays with gaps that represented figures I didnt have, e.g., unit of 30 Phoenix Guard represented by 20 models on a 30 figure movement tray. The two armies gave me distinctly different options and so I wanted to balance them out as much as possible

High Elves - 4000 pts
Right from the start I wanted the High Elves to be magic heavy (a) because I have nicely painted mage figures and (b) to counter the huge amount of magic I know a Chaos army can field. In our 5000 point battle last month Chaos had 19 Power Dice so I was expecting at least 20-25 this time round. I like to substitute MR for dispel dice so I can get more offensive magic items in and I followed the rule here too. I also wanted some big units of strike first troops to give me some initial momentum and hopefully to tie down the Chaos units long enough for the harder hitting Dwarves to come in. The Elves also gave me units the Dwarfs couldnt in the skirimishing Shadow Warriors. Aside from the Bolt Throwers shooting was kept to a minimum here, as that was what the Dwarves were for.

Archmage Level 4 (360pts)
w. Folraiths Robe, Loremasters Cloak, Jewel of Dusk & Lore of Beasts
Archmage Level 4 (355pts)
w. Vambraces of Defence, Ring of Fury & High Magic
Prince (267pts)
w. Barded Steed, Temakadors Gauntlets, Biting Blade & Talisman of Saphery
Noble (178pts)
w. Battle Standard and Banner of the World Dragon
Dragon Mage (435pts)
w.Silver Wand & Dispel Scroll (x2)
1st SpearElves x30 (320pts)
w. Full Cmd & Banner of Arcane Protection
SpearElves x30 (295pts)
w. Full Cmd
Archers x10 (2 units @ 125pts each)
Phoenix Guard x30 (540pts)
w. Full Cmd, Banner of Sorcery & DragonHorn
Shadow Warriors x12 (192pts)
Dragon Princes x13 (470pts)
w. Full Cmd, Banner of Ellyrion & Sword of Might

Repeater Bolt Thrower x2 (100pts each)

TOTALS: 3862 pts, Casting Dice - 13, Dispel Dice - 7, Models in Army - 146

The Dwarven Throng - 6000 pts of wonderful Stumpies
The Dwarves were a bit different. I was pretty concerned about the really strong Chaos Warriors, Demons, and Hero characters and the Dragon(s). Principle aim was to have a strong shooting force that could decimate the stronger Chaos units and give them less attacks once in HtH. Having 6000pts also allowed me to have a very strong infantry force with an extra unit of Longbeards and Hammerers immune to the Chaos fear and terror. But my main weapons here were the Cannons with attached Master Engineers doing D6 wounds, the Bolt-Throwers firing on BS4 at S7 and the 2 Organ Guns.

Dwarf Lord (295pts)
w. Shieldbearers, MR Smiting & RO Cleaving, RO Resistance, RO Stone, RO Furnance
RuneLord (423pts)
w. Anvil of Doom, RO Stone, MR Balance, RO Spellbreaking x2
RuneLord (248pts)
w. RO Stone, MR Spellbinding, RO Spellbreaking x2
Thane (162pts)
w. Oath Stone, MR Gromil, RO Preservation, RO Cleaving, RO Fire, RO Striking
Thane (285pts)
w. Oath Stone, Battle Standard w. MR Valaya, RO Slowness & RO Stoicism
Daemon Slayer (185pts)
w.MR Swiftness & RO Fury x2
Master Engineer (140pts)
w. RO Stone, RO Warding, RO Furnace, RO Fire & RO Striking x2
Master Engineer (135pts)
w. RO Stone, MR Dismay, RO Warding
Hammerers x30 (447pts)
w. Full Cmd, RO Battle & RO Sanctuary
Ironbreakers x30 (452pts)
w. Full Cmd, RO Courage & RO Sanctuary
Longbeards x20 (325pts)
w. Full Cmd, RO Courage
Longbeards x20 (295pts)
w. Full Cmd & RO Sanctuary, RO Slowness
Warriors x12 (113pts)
Miners x20 (265pts)
w. Blasting Charges
Troll Slayers x10 (128pts)
w. Full Cmd
Quarrellers x12 (3 units @ 149pts each)
w. Musicians & Shields
Thunderers x10 (3 units @ 155pts each)
w. Musicians & Shields
Bolt-Thrower (120pts)
w. RO Seeking x2, RO Penetrating, Engineer w. BOP
Bolt-Thrower (125pts)
w. RO Seeking, RO Penetrating, Valiant Rune, Engineer w. BOP
Cannon (195pts)
w. MR Immolation, RO Forging, Valiant Rune, Engineer w. BOP
Cannon (205pts)
w. MR Defence, RO Forging, Valiant Rune, Engineer w. BOP
Organ Gun x2 (120pts each)
Gyrocopter (140pts)

TOTALS: 5835pts, 10 Dispel Dice, 246 Models in Army

The Chaos Horde - 10,000 pts of Vileness
I'll get Toshi to put a little write in here about how and why he selected his army. Alternatively I recommend everyone visits his blog. From my perspective I was expecting a lot of characters (which he had), but not the huge number of Chaos Warriors that he fielded (he had been shopping).

Chaos Lord (668pts)
w. Armour of Tortured Souls, Helm of Many Eyes, Sword of Striking & Chaos Dragon
Great Unclean One Level 4 (600pts)
w. Lore of Nurgle
Keeper of Secrets Level 4(625pts)
w. Lore of Slaanesh
Daemon Prince Level 4 (605pts)
w.Lore of Nurgle, Chaos Disruption, Stream of Corruption & Plague Flail
Chaos Lord (403pts)
w. Mark of Khorne, Chaos Demon Steed, Talisman of Protection
Chaos Lord (350pts)
w. Mark of Khorne, Spelleater Shield & Axe of Khorne
Chaos Lord Level 4 (499pts)
w. Mark of Tzeentch, Staff of Change, Golden Eye of Tezeentch & Disc of Tzeentch
Chaos Lord (374pts)
w. Mark of Khorne, Collar of Khorne, Chaos Runeshield & Sword of Battle
Aspiring Chaos Champion (246pts)
w. Mark of Chaos Undivided, Battle Standard w. Banner of the Gods
Exalted Chaos Sorcerer Level 4 (390pts)
w. Mark of Slaanesh, Spell Familiar, Armour of Damnation, Power Stone, Dispell Scroll
Chaos Sorcerer Level 2 (170pts)
w. Power Familiar & Mark of Chaos Undivided.
Chosen Chaos Warriors of Khorne x29 (792pts)
w. Banner of Rage

Chaos Warriors of Khorne x10 (3 units @ 255pts each)
Chaos Warriors of Nurgle x10 (255pts)
Chaos Warriors of Slaanesh x11 (203pts)
DOW Cannon (85pts)
Chaos Trolls x4 (2 units @ 220pts each)
Dragon Ogres x5 (395pts)
Screamers of Tzeentch x5 (165pts)
Fiend of Slaanesh x2 (150pts)
HellCannon (320pts)
Chaos Chariot of Tzeentch x2 (140pts each)
Chosen Chaos Knights of Khorne x10 (570pts0
w. Warbanner
Chaos Knights of Khorne x5 (260pts)
Chaos Knights of Nurgle x5 (265pts)

TOTALS: 10000pts exactly, 27 Casting Dice, 23 Dispel Dice, 152 Models in Army

Maps, Photos and full battle details to follow in Parts 2-4

September 26, 2008

Menoth Pirctures

Just found these on Flickr and think they are spectacular

Warmachine Battle Report 500pts

Menoth vs. Khador

Well these were my 4th and 5th games of Warmachine again vs. Khador this time controlled by Toshi. Played 2 games in the night one at 350 pts and one at 500 pts both of which took some time as we are still new to the rules. Couple of the guys were playing WHFB on the other half of our table, one of whom used my Dwarves to absolutely trash an army of Ogres!!! Can't remember many of the details (apologies) but the basics were...

Battle 1 - 500 pts
Toshi and I basically fielded all the models we had, although I had a couple left over, and he was proxying a few. I was Jack heavy and had the following list:

  • Exemplar Kreoss
  • Vassal of Menoth
  • Repenter
  • Repenter
  • Revenger
  • Revenger
  • Crusader
  • Flameguard Cleansers

These were up against a 3 Khador Heavy Warjacks including one that was a Warcaster (not sure which) a couple of manhunters some skirmishing rifle dudes and a whole bunch of mechanics. End result was Toshi knew his army better than me used it more effectively and wiped me out before most of forces even got into combat. Managed to get a couple of photos with my phone, quality not great but hey my Menoth is starting to look pretty good in most of them.

Repenter charges a Manhunter with a Vassal and Kreoss (unpainted) behind

Menoth units attempt to hit Khadors right flank

Battle 2 - 350 pts
Went with nothing but jacks in this one with:
  • Exemplar Kreoss
  • Revenger
  • Revenger
  • Crusader
  • Crusader

Against a similar Khador army minus the mechanics and one of the heavy warjacks. This battle went a lot better for me as I got my units into combat early before the skirimishers could pick me off. Got Kreoss's feat in at the right moment and did some serious damage on the Khador warcaster and wiped out his skirimishers. However, I am still having trouble allocating focus properly and seem to be wasting 2-3 points of it in each round. Funny moment of the game was having Toshis Warcaster Jack pick up my Crusader and throw him at Kreoss only to overshoot and have it land on top of his Manhunter killing it. Unfortunately for me he had another Manhunter thing which got round behind me and into melee with Kreoos (who was down to 3 wounds by that stage) and killed.

Lessons learned
First up I really need to allocate my focus properly and get my Jacks working together better. Overall, I ended up giving away too many focus points to Jacks that couldnt use them. Need to plan out what I am going to with each activation and then assign focus to get it done. In first battle I also failed to activate Kreoss's feat. If I had done it at the right point it would have knocked down every model he had and I could have easily killed his more dangerous ones as mine (at that stage) were still undamaged.

Key spells used with Kreoss so far appear to be Protection of Menoth which adds a nice +2 to DEF and ARM and Retribution, which unfortunately doesnt protect against sniper fire. I also used the Lamentation spell better in the 2nd game doubling the Khador casters focus requirements but probably not early enough.

At moment my Menoth army is seriously lacking a Choir (on order should be here in two weeks) which would help boost everything. Plus as I am kind of leaning toward a Jack heavy army (despite having a unit of Temple Flameguard on order) I will need to invest in a different warcaster, probably Severius who seems to be the best for Jack heavy armies.

Mind you I do have all of my Menoth stuff based and flocked now and have nearly finished painting them all so at least their twisted burning wrecks looked pretty.

September 22, 2008

The perils of online shopping

It always pays to ring a supplier first to check if they have the stock you want on hand. Ordered some 2 lots of Choir of Menoth for Warmachine off Wargames Supply in Wellington. Expecting them to arrive basically today, buts its going to take a couple of weeks. Mind you thats perfectly OK just would be nice to be told before payment goes through for the order. Then again actually ordering in person doesnt always work either. Placed an order for a Dwarf Lord w. Shieldbearers at Heroes for Sale in July and i'm still waiting - hoping like hell that its not out of production, as there was one on Trade Me that I didnt bid for.

Newest addition to my Protectorate collection is a Vassal, undercoated it this morning and might get to paint it tonight. Army is starting to look more uniform now. Ill get some pictures up soon. Modifying the basic colour scheme slightly and have gone for more red - Scab Red, Blood Red + Red Ink - on the armoured areas so they look more like Toshi's Chaos Warriors now.

Upcoming battle reports

OK, the Cricket season starts in less than 4 weeks time and once it does I wont be playing Warhammer etc as much as I have been. We are also going to be giving Warmachine/Hordes a good thrashing at the Club over the next few weeks. Basically with so many of the other WH players not turning up lately we've gotten a bit tired of the same opponents week in week out.

However, there are two big WH battles coming up or rather one HUGE battle and one campaign, which Ill get battle reports and photos posted for.

First up, Toshi and I are going to have rematch of our 5000pt battle this weekend, but this time with 10,000 - yes thats right - 10000pts. My High Elves (4000pts) and Dwarfs (6000pts) vs. his Chaos. After that Ill be down in Christchurch in November to see the family and to play a ton of games against my brother. So, other family members aside, we should get A LOT of games in - Dwarfs/High Elves vs. Empire/Ogres/Orcs/Wood Elves.

Other news a new blog is being started by Sigmar the guy responsible for the Battlereporter site and the new Nautican race. Going to feature Battle Reports and can be found at - cool name wish I'd thought of it.

September 19, 2008

Fallout 3 is here!!!

Ok, two of favourite PC games of all time were Fallout and the sequel Fallout2. Fallout took me a long time beat, and Fallout2 took me even longer or at least it would have if my old PC hadnt crashed and died just as I was fighting the final battle. The video trailers for Fallout 3 look great, and are almost enough to make me want to unpack my PC again.

The gameplay looks vastly improved, although there was nothing wrong with the old version it was just a bit slow at times. Glad to see that they have kept the original Black Isle style, theme and music. Cool videos from the last versions that I really enjoyed are:

War Never Changes
This has to be one of the best background movies to a game ive ever seen. This copy has the long version that introduced the first game, followed by the intro to Fallout 2.

Fallout2 Intro Movie
I just like the music and the parody of 1950's Govt movies.

Full Ending to Fallout 1

Warhammer Battle Report 2250pts (Part 2)

Victory for the forces of Asuryan
2250pts High Elves vs. Lizardmen

This was an interesting battle as I blogged earlier a solid victory for me so an enjoyable night all round. I knew Hank would be bringing his Slan and have a magic heavy Lizardman army so I decked out my High Elves accordingly. To be fair though he didnt know whether to expect High Elves or Dwarfs so had two different lists prepared. Usual suspects were there though including his 4 units of Skinks, 12 individual models in each unit - 3 with double shot Blowpipes and 1 with Javelins.

High Elf Army List
I included Shadow Warriors for the first time to counter the skinks scout deployment, and the Level 4 Archmage as a bit of a surprise. As a Dwarf player this was only the 2nd game I had used a mage so taking a Lvl 4 wouldnt be expected. Having him invulnerable to all but magic attacks, and then with a 2+ WS vs. Magic basically made him impossible to kill as well. Mounted Noble went with Dragon Princes, Battle Standard w. Phoenix Guard and Mage w. Spears.

  • Archmage Lvl 4 (360pts) w. Jewel of Dusk, Folraiths Robe, Loremasters Cloak, High Magic
  • Mounted Noble (159pts) w. Sacred Incense & Dragonscale Shield
  • Noble w. Battle Standard (166 pts) w. Helm of Fortune, Sword of Striking
  • 1st Spear Elves x27 (278 pts) w. War Banner
  • Phoenix Guard x 20 (343 pts) w. Banner of Arcane Protection
  • Archers x 10 (115 pts)
  • Archers x 10 (115 pts)
  • Shadow Warriors x 8 (128 pts)
  • Dragon Princes x 10 (380 pts) w. Banner of Ellyrion
  • Repeater Bolt Throwers x 2 (200 pts)
Map & Deployment
We always get someone independant to set up the terrain and they did a great job for this battlew the terrain offering a reasonable set of advantages to both sides. Gaint hill on my side of the board though was a huge bonus as it gave my Bolt Throwers a commanding position.

I decided to stick to the left hand side of the board and pool my resources there. Final unit to be placed were the Dragon Princes on the extreme right as a bit of bait and to hit the Lizards in the flank. With all those Skinks the Lizard deployment was pretty much spread out across the board. I set it up with the Archers in the middle first and the Bolt-Throwers which saw the Lizard army deployed in the centre and the not the left to start with.

Turn 1 - High Elves
I got to go first which was good for me as it meant I could get my flanking plan into action early and really tie down the left hand side of the board. Basically everyone advanced including the Dragon Princes. Their Banner of Ellyrion came as big shock to the Skinks hiding in the forest in the middle of the map when it allowed them to move right up next to them.

Initial shooting focused on the Skinks on the left and centre and the Swarm, with Magic failing to achieve anything very much. Overall a good start with multiple wounds on 2 units of Skinks and the Swarm.

Turn 1 - Lizardmen
Hank pulled out two surprises here. First his Skar vet charged out of the Saurus Warriors on my left and straight at the Shadow Warriors on the edge of the forest. Spells from the Slan hit the Spears but my magic protection helped there. As expected the remainder of the Lizard battleline shifted to toward the centre and my left flank. Lost a couple of Spears, a single Phoenix Guard and 2 Archers.

Turn 2

Things really do my way in this turn. On the left the Skar Vet not only losses the melee combat against the Shadow Warriors but fails - YES FAILS - his leadership test, flees and is overun and killed. The Skinks in the centre and on the left are literally shreded by missle fire from the Archers and Bolt Throwers before the Phoenix Guard charge in on the left flank killing the Skink unit to their front. On the right things are little different the Dragon Princes charge the unit of Skinks to their front hoping to get an overun into the flank of the Saurus Warriors. However I misjudge the distance and the Skinks flee causing a failed charge. The Lizardmen respond by charging the Dragon Princes with both the Saurus Warriors and the Kroxagors. Not wanting to get hit in the flank the Dragon Princes choose to flee hoping to rally and preserve their charge attack for later. The Terradons on the far right are also overlooked and remain stationary for the turn. Lucky for me as they could have easily wiped out the Dragon Princes from behind if they had moved.

Turn 3

Good and bad here. The Dragon Princes fail to rally, principally because I forgot they had a Musician didnt add the 1 to the dice roll and failed by, you guessed it, 1 to have them nearly run off the board. More success on the left though as the Phoenix Guard charge the Saurus Warriors kill a lot of them, then as they cause fear and outnumber them force the remaining Lizards to flee and be successfully chased down and killed. In the centre the Spears charge the Swarm to their front and the Mage leaves to join the Archers who have come back from the left flank to help against the Skinks.

Favourite act in this turn was watching Hank roll for his Skinks to take 10 double shots against my Mage all by himself only to be told - Oh Sorry he can only be hit by magical attacks. Absolutely priceless, especially when a Slan spell gets bounced off by his 2+ WS vs. Magic.

Turn 4

Ok things are getting a bit messy now. The Dragon Princes have successfully rallied after I finally remember that I always give units musicians. The Archers and Skinks exchange more bow fire, the Bolt Throwers kill a few Terradons and the Spears have killed the Swarm. They then choose to overrun to avoid being hit in the rear by the 2nd unit of Saurus Warriors.

More magic and missle fire from the Skinks and Slan fail to kill the Mage and his protecting Archers. And in the Centre the main infantry units of each side line up to face eachother. A charge by the remaining Terradon against one of the Bolt Throwers also fails and it is forced to flee.

Turns 5 - 6

Ok, Im a bit hazy on the details here so my apologies there. In the centre I spend 1 turn getting the Spears, Phoenix Guard and Shadow Warriors lined up and facing the Lizardmen battleline. No charges are declared though as Hank has done his usual trick of moving his units back a inch or two. Meaning the distance is too great, and at this stage I am thinking about table quarters and preserving victory points.

Some losses are incurred though. One unit of Archers and a Bolt-Thrower are killed by missle fire. But in return they decimate the Skinks yet again leaving only 6-10 still on the board out of the original 48 fielded at the start of the game. The Dragon Princes also finally do something other than run away and kill the remaining Terradon. With that the game ends on a bit of a whisper with neither side willing to commit to charging in the final turn. Me to preserve VP and because the distance is too great. Hank because he doesnt want to charge the fear causing Phoenix Guard who always strike first and risk being forced to flee (AGAIN).

Final result is a solid 880 pt Victory to the High Elves who have lost only a single unit of Archers, a Bolt-Thrower, half-a-dozen spearmen and a couple of Phoenix Guard. The Lizardman army however has lost a boatload of Skinks, its Terradons, a big unit of Saurus Warriors, a Swarm and a Skar vet. Overall, a fun game.

September 18, 2008

Warhammer Online trailer

OK, I wont be playing this as I simply dont have the time or the PC power to give it justice but this is without a doubt the best gaming trailer I have ever seen.

Painting a Revenger Light Warjack (Part 1)

Part 1 of my (somewhat) detailed breakdown of the painting of my newly acquired Menoth army. Apologies for current picture quality but I had to use my phone rather than my camera.

What’s been done so far?
Base Coat
Sprayed it with GW Skull white & a bit of standard house paint white (1/3 price of GW stuff). Had to do two coats as arms fell off after the first coat went on. I haven’t pinned anything as I don’t have a drill. Base is flocked with large grain sand that I ground down a little bit (cheaper than buying GW sand), added before base coat went on.

Shield, Shoulders, Centre head plate, and arms (but not hands)
For the white areas of the model I started with a base coat of Fortress Grey (or Codex whichever is the darker one), then Codex (or Fortress whichever is the lighter) leaving a line of darker color around the edges. Next coat was Skull White again leaving thin lines of Fortress and Codex Grey showing. Chaos Black applied to cross on shield.

Shoulders, Shield & Armour edging
Base coat of Scab Red (this is a great color), followed by highlights on raised areas (spikes, folds in fabric areas) with Blood Red. Also flat brushed (or tried too) edges of Armour areas.

Metal areas
At this stage I have applied a single layer of thinned down Bolt Gun metal to all of the metal areas.

What's next?
White Areas
Another light coat of Skull White just to get it looking right with a slightly thicker layer in the middle of each Armour section to make it stand out a bit more.

Red Areas
Touch up the parts that have Bolt Gun metal on them (there are a few) and tidy up the Blood Red highlights to really get the edges coming out. Then a bit of red ink or really watered down blood red mixed with Chaos Black to bring out the joints and seams.

Metal Areas
Two deviations here. First will be the basic parts that stay bolt-gun metal with perhaps some highlights of Chainmail to create bit of contrast. Then there are the areas that will be golden, these will be done with: (1) a layer of Brazen Brass over the Bolt Gun Metal, then (2) a layer of Shining Gold, and finally (3) a thin layer of Chestnut Ink. I've found from experimenting that this combination works best for getting Golden Armour to stand out. Ill also get some Black or Black Ink into the areas around the smokestack (if that’s what it is) on top, and in the some of the recessed areas to make them stand out more.

Not sure, but will probably use flesh wash or chestnut ink on the sand. Then alternating layers of various browns to build it up and then a small amount of grass type flock on top.

September 17, 2008

Agghhh painting disaster

Ok I had a couple of hours at home to myself last night so thought I would have a go at painting a couple of the duplicate Menoth models I have, namely Kreoss, a Repenter and for some reason one of the Flameguard.

Was aiming for blue, which turned into all blue, which turned into one giant freaking mess, which ended up with me dunking the resulting models into a pot full of meths to get rid of the paint. Started again after that following the colour scheme on the boxes the models came in. Boring I know but at least it looks better than the mess I created last night. I have to remember to take some pictures of my progress.

September 16, 2008

Menoth painting ideas

Just found these on Coolminiornot and they have given me some great ideas for how I am going to paint my stuff.

The blue colour schemes on the warjacks is really cool and basically what I was thinking of, if only because I can shade blue OK but not white.

Online resources

I've spent a little bit of time searching for ideas on how to paint my newly acquired Protectorate of Menoth army, and in doing so have come across a number of really good sites/blogs online that I would like to recommend (to anyone who is reading this - you are out there arent you).

Painting Resources

Painting Links
Basically a site that provides a list of links to other painting and modelling sites, good resource.

Brushthralls - 5/5
Great painting site with really detailed tutorials on a wide variety of painting techniques. Site is neatly indexed into beginner and advanced sections and includes pictures of various stages in the painting process for easy reference. Focus is mainly on Warmachine but techniques it discusses can be applied anywhere.

Cool Mini or Not - 5/5
If you want to find examples of other peoples miniatures then go here, you can also post your own. There is some absolutely outstanding stuff here.

Warpainter Studio -3/5
Another miniature wargaming blogger this time of a high quality commerical painter. He seems to do everything and offers his services to people willing to pay. The quality of his work is absolutely outstanding. I did find it a bit difficult to navigate though.

Chest of Colours - 2.5/5
This site/forum seems to only have just started or not been updated recently as the hoster has definately left room for more content. Covers wide range of miniature games and has some Ok tuturials etc.

Ironhand Miniatures - 2.5/5
Another individual offering commerical painting services for miniature gamers. Has alot of 40k stuff on the site which, as you would expect, is brilliantly painted.

Game/Army Help

BattleCollege - 5/5
Where I first went for help and info on Warmachine and on playing Menoth. Was directed to it by a friend and would highly recommend it to anybody keen on starting the game.

Menoth Forums (Privateer Press) - 4/5
Official and I guess essential stop off for Menoth and all Warmachine players.

Slitherine Forums - 5/5
If you play FOG or any other miniature ancients/medieval/modern game then this is the best place to go. I use it for information on Fields of Glory. Has battle reports, downloadable help guides and reference sheets, army list discussions etc. Really good site.

September 15, 2008

Menoth Army construction

Ok, lovely package of Menoth goodies arrived in the mail on Friday and I spent the weekend putting together the beginnings of my Menoth army. Also told my wife just what I had brought so there would be no surprises, dont think she was happy but at least I told her. Anyway overall this is what I have

  • 1 x Grand Exemplar Kreoss
  • 1 x High Exemplar Kreoss
  • 2 x Crusader Heavy Warjacks
  • 3 x Repenter Light Warjacks
  • 2 x Revenger Light Warjacks
  • 6 x Flameguard Cleansers (inc. Arms Master)

Also got an extra High Exemplar Kreoss which I sell on TradeMe along with 1 of the Repenters, as I dont think I need them all. Have a match organised with Rob this Thursday so he can show me the basics. Havent painted anything yet, just assembled them, sanded the bases and given them a base coat of white. Want to investigate the paint schemes first to get them right.

September 12, 2008

Painting/Modelling to do list

Saw that Toshi had a list of his painting projects on his Blog so thought I'd go over my own, you never seem to finish....

Warhammer Dwarfs
Organ Gun and Crew
12 x Warriors
10 x Thunderers
24 x Miners
1 x Thane

Artillery crewmen for 3 warmachines
20 - 25 Warriors
10 Miners
8 Hammerers

Warhammer High Elves
8 x Silver Helms (1/2 started)
1 x Mage on Steed
1 x Battlestandard Bearer (needs touchs up only)
30 x Archers (4th ed stuff)
40 x Spearmen (4th ed stuff)
2 x Bolt-throwers (need re-touching)

10 x Phoenix Guard

FOG Hundred Years war English
16 bases of Calvary to be painted and flocked properly

A shitload of Menoth stuff which should arrive in the mail today

Warhammer Battle Report 2250pts (Part 1)


I FINALLY WON A FREAKING GAME!!!! - Ok that really does sound sad

Well this was fun, 2250 pts my High Elves against Hanks Lizardmen and his Lvl 4 Slan Priest thing, hordes of Skinks and his Croxagors or Croxosaurs (however you spell it). And yes it is true, I did win - Solid Victory by 800 pts - and it was a sweet victory too. I nearly took my Dwarfs but I brought a new Warehouse tool box to put all my stuff in and the Elves got put in it first, so I took them.

And ah ha ha - I won - despite 2 miscasts by my Lvl 4 Archmage and my Dragon Princes doing nothing all game except run away?!? Battle report to follow, but in the interim here are some pics. The quality is really really poor as I took them with my phone so I could keep track of how the battle was progressing for my write up.

Dragon Princes w. Banner of Ellyrion chase Skinks out of the Forest & Lake

Phoenix Guard & Spears w. Archmage advance toward Lizards right flank

Good overview of battlefield showing High Elves deployed entirely on left vs. Lizardmen spread across entire board. Only exception are Dragon Princes on extreme right flank

HE Infantry preparing to charge main Lizard battleline, while archers look on

The closing stages of the battle.