September 19, 2008

Warhammer Battle Report 2250pts (Part 2)

Victory for the forces of Asuryan
2250pts High Elves vs. Lizardmen

This was an interesting battle as I blogged earlier a solid victory for me so an enjoyable night all round. I knew Hank would be bringing his Slan and have a magic heavy Lizardman army so I decked out my High Elves accordingly. To be fair though he didnt know whether to expect High Elves or Dwarfs so had two different lists prepared. Usual suspects were there though including his 4 units of Skinks, 12 individual models in each unit - 3 with double shot Blowpipes and 1 with Javelins.

High Elf Army List
I included Shadow Warriors for the first time to counter the skinks scout deployment, and the Level 4 Archmage as a bit of a surprise. As a Dwarf player this was only the 2nd game I had used a mage so taking a Lvl 4 wouldnt be expected. Having him invulnerable to all but magic attacks, and then with a 2+ WS vs. Magic basically made him impossible to kill as well. Mounted Noble went with Dragon Princes, Battle Standard w. Phoenix Guard and Mage w. Spears.

  • Archmage Lvl 4 (360pts) w. Jewel of Dusk, Folraiths Robe, Loremasters Cloak, High Magic
  • Mounted Noble (159pts) w. Sacred Incense & Dragonscale Shield
  • Noble w. Battle Standard (166 pts) w. Helm of Fortune, Sword of Striking
  • 1st Spear Elves x27 (278 pts) w. War Banner
  • Phoenix Guard x 20 (343 pts) w. Banner of Arcane Protection
  • Archers x 10 (115 pts)
  • Archers x 10 (115 pts)
  • Shadow Warriors x 8 (128 pts)
  • Dragon Princes x 10 (380 pts) w. Banner of Ellyrion
  • Repeater Bolt Throwers x 2 (200 pts)
Map & Deployment
We always get someone independant to set up the terrain and they did a great job for this battlew the terrain offering a reasonable set of advantages to both sides. Gaint hill on my side of the board though was a huge bonus as it gave my Bolt Throwers a commanding position.

I decided to stick to the left hand side of the board and pool my resources there. Final unit to be placed were the Dragon Princes on the extreme right as a bit of bait and to hit the Lizards in the flank. With all those Skinks the Lizard deployment was pretty much spread out across the board. I set it up with the Archers in the middle first and the Bolt-Throwers which saw the Lizard army deployed in the centre and the not the left to start with.

Turn 1 - High Elves
I got to go first which was good for me as it meant I could get my flanking plan into action early and really tie down the left hand side of the board. Basically everyone advanced including the Dragon Princes. Their Banner of Ellyrion came as big shock to the Skinks hiding in the forest in the middle of the map when it allowed them to move right up next to them.

Initial shooting focused on the Skinks on the left and centre and the Swarm, with Magic failing to achieve anything very much. Overall a good start with multiple wounds on 2 units of Skinks and the Swarm.

Turn 1 - Lizardmen
Hank pulled out two surprises here. First his Skar vet charged out of the Saurus Warriors on my left and straight at the Shadow Warriors on the edge of the forest. Spells from the Slan hit the Spears but my magic protection helped there. As expected the remainder of the Lizard battleline shifted to toward the centre and my left flank. Lost a couple of Spears, a single Phoenix Guard and 2 Archers.

Turn 2

Things really do my way in this turn. On the left the Skar Vet not only losses the melee combat against the Shadow Warriors but fails - YES FAILS - his leadership test, flees and is overun and killed. The Skinks in the centre and on the left are literally shreded by missle fire from the Archers and Bolt Throwers before the Phoenix Guard charge in on the left flank killing the Skink unit to their front. On the right things are little different the Dragon Princes charge the unit of Skinks to their front hoping to get an overun into the flank of the Saurus Warriors. However I misjudge the distance and the Skinks flee causing a failed charge. The Lizardmen respond by charging the Dragon Princes with both the Saurus Warriors and the Kroxagors. Not wanting to get hit in the flank the Dragon Princes choose to flee hoping to rally and preserve their charge attack for later. The Terradons on the far right are also overlooked and remain stationary for the turn. Lucky for me as they could have easily wiped out the Dragon Princes from behind if they had moved.

Turn 3

Good and bad here. The Dragon Princes fail to rally, principally because I forgot they had a Musician didnt add the 1 to the dice roll and failed by, you guessed it, 1 to have them nearly run off the board. More success on the left though as the Phoenix Guard charge the Saurus Warriors kill a lot of them, then as they cause fear and outnumber them force the remaining Lizards to flee and be successfully chased down and killed. In the centre the Spears charge the Swarm to their front and the Mage leaves to join the Archers who have come back from the left flank to help against the Skinks.

Favourite act in this turn was watching Hank roll for his Skinks to take 10 double shots against my Mage all by himself only to be told - Oh Sorry he can only be hit by magical attacks. Absolutely priceless, especially when a Slan spell gets bounced off by his 2+ WS vs. Magic.

Turn 4

Ok things are getting a bit messy now. The Dragon Princes have successfully rallied after I finally remember that I always give units musicians. The Archers and Skinks exchange more bow fire, the Bolt Throwers kill a few Terradons and the Spears have killed the Swarm. They then choose to overrun to avoid being hit in the rear by the 2nd unit of Saurus Warriors.

More magic and missle fire from the Skinks and Slan fail to kill the Mage and his protecting Archers. And in the Centre the main infantry units of each side line up to face eachother. A charge by the remaining Terradon against one of the Bolt Throwers also fails and it is forced to flee.

Turns 5 - 6

Ok, Im a bit hazy on the details here so my apologies there. In the centre I spend 1 turn getting the Spears, Phoenix Guard and Shadow Warriors lined up and facing the Lizardmen battleline. No charges are declared though as Hank has done his usual trick of moving his units back a inch or two. Meaning the distance is too great, and at this stage I am thinking about table quarters and preserving victory points.

Some losses are incurred though. One unit of Archers and a Bolt-Thrower are killed by missle fire. But in return they decimate the Skinks yet again leaving only 6-10 still on the board out of the original 48 fielded at the start of the game. The Dragon Princes also finally do something other than run away and kill the remaining Terradon. With that the game ends on a bit of a whisper with neither side willing to commit to charging in the final turn. Me to preserve VP and because the distance is too great. Hank because he doesnt want to charge the fear causing Phoenix Guard who always strike first and risk being forced to flee (AGAIN).

Final result is a solid 880 pt Victory to the High Elves who have lost only a single unit of Archers, a Bolt-Thrower, half-a-dozen spearmen and a couple of Phoenix Guard. The Lizardman army however has lost a boatload of Skinks, its Terradons, a big unit of Saurus Warriors, a Swarm and a Skar vet. Overall, a fun game.


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