September 29, 2008

Warhammer Battle Report 10000pts (Part 1)

Battle of the Void
10000 pts High Elves & Dwarfs vs. Chaos

This is Part 1 of what will be a very long battle report detailing the 10,000 point epic battle Toshi and I played over the weekend. We used the same basic rules as the 25,000 point battle in the 25year issue of White Dwarf, deploying half of each army, moving it, then deploying the other half. Victory points were calculated at the end of each players phase and related to the occupation of 3 key locations one in either deployment zone and a more valuable one in the middle. It will take a while for me to work out all the details but the overall report should look like this:

  • Part 1 - The Army Lists & notes on their creation
  • Part 2 - Maps, Deployment and Initial turns
  • Part 3 - Turns 3-4
  • Part 4 - Turns 5-6 and final word

The Army Lists - Dwarves & High Elves
Creating a 10,000 point army isnt as easy as it seems. First up I had to use every, and I mean every, single model that I had to field 6000 points in Dwarfs and 4000 points in High Elves. This included a couple of proxies and some movement trays with gaps that represented figures I didnt have, e.g., unit of 30 Phoenix Guard represented by 20 models on a 30 figure movement tray. The two armies gave me distinctly different options and so I wanted to balance them out as much as possible

High Elves - 4000 pts
Right from the start I wanted the High Elves to be magic heavy (a) because I have nicely painted mage figures and (b) to counter the huge amount of magic I know a Chaos army can field. In our 5000 point battle last month Chaos had 19 Power Dice so I was expecting at least 20-25 this time round. I like to substitute MR for dispel dice so I can get more offensive magic items in and I followed the rule here too. I also wanted some big units of strike first troops to give me some initial momentum and hopefully to tie down the Chaos units long enough for the harder hitting Dwarves to come in. The Elves also gave me units the Dwarfs couldnt in the skirimishing Shadow Warriors. Aside from the Bolt Throwers shooting was kept to a minimum here, as that was what the Dwarves were for.

Archmage Level 4 (360pts)
w. Folraiths Robe, Loremasters Cloak, Jewel of Dusk & Lore of Beasts
Archmage Level 4 (355pts)
w. Vambraces of Defence, Ring of Fury & High Magic
Prince (267pts)
w. Barded Steed, Temakadors Gauntlets, Biting Blade & Talisman of Saphery
Noble (178pts)
w. Battle Standard and Banner of the World Dragon
Dragon Mage (435pts)
w.Silver Wand & Dispel Scroll (x2)
1st SpearElves x30 (320pts)
w. Full Cmd & Banner of Arcane Protection
SpearElves x30 (295pts)
w. Full Cmd
Archers x10 (2 units @ 125pts each)
Phoenix Guard x30 (540pts)
w. Full Cmd, Banner of Sorcery & DragonHorn
Shadow Warriors x12 (192pts)
Dragon Princes x13 (470pts)
w. Full Cmd, Banner of Ellyrion & Sword of Might

Repeater Bolt Thrower x2 (100pts each)

TOTALS: 3862 pts, Casting Dice - 13, Dispel Dice - 7, Models in Army - 146

The Dwarven Throng - 6000 pts of wonderful Stumpies
The Dwarves were a bit different. I was pretty concerned about the really strong Chaos Warriors, Demons, and Hero characters and the Dragon(s). Principle aim was to have a strong shooting force that could decimate the stronger Chaos units and give them less attacks once in HtH. Having 6000pts also allowed me to have a very strong infantry force with an extra unit of Longbeards and Hammerers immune to the Chaos fear and terror. But my main weapons here were the Cannons with attached Master Engineers doing D6 wounds, the Bolt-Throwers firing on BS4 at S7 and the 2 Organ Guns.

Dwarf Lord (295pts)
w. Shieldbearers, MR Smiting & RO Cleaving, RO Resistance, RO Stone, RO Furnance
RuneLord (423pts)
w. Anvil of Doom, RO Stone, MR Balance, RO Spellbreaking x2
RuneLord (248pts)
w. RO Stone, MR Spellbinding, RO Spellbreaking x2
Thane (162pts)
w. Oath Stone, MR Gromil, RO Preservation, RO Cleaving, RO Fire, RO Striking
Thane (285pts)
w. Oath Stone, Battle Standard w. MR Valaya, RO Slowness & RO Stoicism
Daemon Slayer (185pts)
w.MR Swiftness & RO Fury x2
Master Engineer (140pts)
w. RO Stone, RO Warding, RO Furnace, RO Fire & RO Striking x2
Master Engineer (135pts)
w. RO Stone, MR Dismay, RO Warding
Hammerers x30 (447pts)
w. Full Cmd, RO Battle & RO Sanctuary
Ironbreakers x30 (452pts)
w. Full Cmd, RO Courage & RO Sanctuary
Longbeards x20 (325pts)
w. Full Cmd, RO Courage
Longbeards x20 (295pts)
w. Full Cmd & RO Sanctuary, RO Slowness
Warriors x12 (113pts)
Miners x20 (265pts)
w. Blasting Charges
Troll Slayers x10 (128pts)
w. Full Cmd
Quarrellers x12 (3 units @ 149pts each)
w. Musicians & Shields
Thunderers x10 (3 units @ 155pts each)
w. Musicians & Shields
Bolt-Thrower (120pts)
w. RO Seeking x2, RO Penetrating, Engineer w. BOP
Bolt-Thrower (125pts)
w. RO Seeking, RO Penetrating, Valiant Rune, Engineer w. BOP
Cannon (195pts)
w. MR Immolation, RO Forging, Valiant Rune, Engineer w. BOP
Cannon (205pts)
w. MR Defence, RO Forging, Valiant Rune, Engineer w. BOP
Organ Gun x2 (120pts each)
Gyrocopter (140pts)

TOTALS: 5835pts, 10 Dispel Dice, 246 Models in Army

The Chaos Horde - 10,000 pts of Vileness
I'll get Toshi to put a little write in here about how and why he selected his army. Alternatively I recommend everyone visits his blog. From my perspective I was expecting a lot of characters (which he had), but not the huge number of Chaos Warriors that he fielded (he had been shopping).

Chaos Lord (668pts)
w. Armour of Tortured Souls, Helm of Many Eyes, Sword of Striking & Chaos Dragon
Great Unclean One Level 4 (600pts)
w. Lore of Nurgle
Keeper of Secrets Level 4(625pts)
w. Lore of Slaanesh
Daemon Prince Level 4 (605pts)
w.Lore of Nurgle, Chaos Disruption, Stream of Corruption & Plague Flail
Chaos Lord (403pts)
w. Mark of Khorne, Chaos Demon Steed, Talisman of Protection
Chaos Lord (350pts)
w. Mark of Khorne, Spelleater Shield & Axe of Khorne
Chaos Lord Level 4 (499pts)
w. Mark of Tzeentch, Staff of Change, Golden Eye of Tezeentch & Disc of Tzeentch
Chaos Lord (374pts)
w. Mark of Khorne, Collar of Khorne, Chaos Runeshield & Sword of Battle
Aspiring Chaos Champion (246pts)
w. Mark of Chaos Undivided, Battle Standard w. Banner of the Gods
Exalted Chaos Sorcerer Level 4 (390pts)
w. Mark of Slaanesh, Spell Familiar, Armour of Damnation, Power Stone, Dispell Scroll
Chaos Sorcerer Level 2 (170pts)
w. Power Familiar & Mark of Chaos Undivided.
Chosen Chaos Warriors of Khorne x29 (792pts)
w. Banner of Rage

Chaos Warriors of Khorne x10 (3 units @ 255pts each)
Chaos Warriors of Nurgle x10 (255pts)
Chaos Warriors of Slaanesh x11 (203pts)
DOW Cannon (85pts)
Chaos Trolls x4 (2 units @ 220pts each)
Dragon Ogres x5 (395pts)
Screamers of Tzeentch x5 (165pts)
Fiend of Slaanesh x2 (150pts)
HellCannon (320pts)
Chaos Chariot of Tzeentch x2 (140pts each)
Chosen Chaos Knights of Khorne x10 (570pts0
w. Warbanner
Chaos Knights of Khorne x5 (260pts)
Chaos Knights of Nurgle x5 (265pts)

TOTALS: 10000pts exactly, 27 Casting Dice, 23 Dispel Dice, 152 Models in Army

Maps, Photos and full battle details to follow in Parts 2-4

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