September 29, 2008

Warhamer Battle Report 10000pts (Part 2)

Battle of the Void
10000pts High Elves & Dwarves vs. Chaos

Map & Deployment
The game was played (once again) on my dining room table with an extra fold out table attached. Overall the table surface was approx 6' wide and 5' deep, maybe a little more which meant that it took 2 turns for any of the missle troops (on my side) to get into range. Cannons could still reach across board but only just and bolt-throwers and organ guns had to move up. Map was set up with 5 basic features:
  • Large mountain in centre of board with principle objective worth 2VP per player phase (that it was not contested) on top.
  • Minor objectives in each corner each worth 1VP per player hase they were not contested.
  • Small forest in SE corner inside Dwarven deployment zone & next to minor objective.
  • Larger forest in NE corner by Chaos deployment zone.
  • Small forest on E edge about level with the mountain.
Special Rules for battle were:
  • Large monsters, i.e., our dragons could see and "be seen" over the forests.
  • Units on either side of the mountain could not see eachother.
  • Units on top of the mountain could see the entire board.
  • No shooting or magic during Turn 1
Deployment & Turn 1
As stated in Part 1 deployment went in two phases and effectively added another turn. We each put down 10 units each plus warmachines in the first phase, moved those and then put down the remaining units in the 2nd phase and moved them all. Chaos deployed at top of board with huge concentration of Chaos Warriors in centre and faster units on its left flank.

The HE/D battleline at start of Deployment Phase 1
HE Spearmen look north toward the Chaos Warriors they know await on the other side of the mountain
High Elves deployed on the centre-left with the infantry in the middle where it could march quickly to take the mountain objective. A single unit of Archers and the Dragon Mage were deployed on the right, and the Shadow Warriors in the large forest to the NE to prevent the faster Chaos units from marching. Warmachines were spread fairly eveningly.

The Chaos battleline at deployment phase 1

Looking south from the Chaos battleline

First stages of movement were pretty uneventual with everyone rushing forward straight toward the objectives. Only a couple of units on each side stayed back. The SE corner objective guarded by an Organ Gun, a unit of Longbeards and some Quarrellers to the W of the forest, and a Bolt-Thrower, Cannon and unit of Warriors in the forest. Also in the forest was the Anvil of Doom and its accompanying RuneLord. These units remained there for a large part of the game.

The stronger Dwarven units of Ironbreakers and Hammerers advanced behind the Elven battleline, each careful to keep itself directly behind the hill to avoid Chaos line of sight. Those warmachines not guarding the SE objective also advanced to get closer to the Chaos troops.

Location of troops at end of deployment phase 1 and first lot of movement

Points: HE/D - 4 C - 2

Turn 2
This is when the shooting and magic finally started, and started well for the HE/D army. Those warmachines that could fire targeted the Chaos Dragon and the Hellcannon scoring multiple hits and 5 wounds on the Hellcannon, 3 on the Dragon and 1 on the Dragon rider. The Shadow Warriors also scored 2 hits on either the Chariots or the Screamers (cant remember which). None of the HE magic worked, all of it being dispelled, the Anvil wasnt used and the Sun Dragon failed to burn anything.

HE occupy the central mountain as the Chaos battleline advances toward them

Chaos responded to the wounds on its Dragon by continuing its relentless advance toward the mountain objective. On the HE/D right flank the Spawn engaged the Shadow Warriors while the faster units of Chaos Knights moved forward beyond the 8" range ready to charge next turn. The DOW cannon crewed by a group of Dwarven traitors got their just reward when their cannon misfired. The Hellcannon however killed 3 of the Dragon Princes and took 1 wound off the accompanying Prince.

Chaos fast units move past the Shadow Warriors and the 1st round of magic takes its toll (Note the single HE Archer left alive on the mountain top, out of a unit of 10)

In the centre Chaos magic rained down on the High Elves on the mountain, and on the Phoenix Guard. Strong magical protection was not enough against 2, yes 2 irrestible force casts, and an overwhelming number of power dice. The Chaos magic phase nearly wiped out the Archers on the mountain and also took wounds off 2 of the HE mages. On the HE/D right flank the Screamers flew over 2 units killing 3 HE Archers and 2 Thunderers before landing at the SE objective. Also to fall in this phase was a single Phoenix Guard, and 2 Shadow Warriors - who nevertheless remained steady against the Spawn.

Turn 3
Things start to get really ugly here and also a bit confusing. One key lesson with large scale battles is make sure you have good simple notes of what items and special abilities you have. The HE had a Banner of Sorcery that added D3 power dice that went unused throughout the battle because I simply forgot about it. Again HE magic comes to nought as it is all dispelled. The Anvil of Doom though is succesful in hitting the Chaos Dragon preventing it from flying in its next turn. However, this proves unnecessary as Dwarven artillery kills the Dragon with fire from a Cannon and a Bolt-Thrower - another wound is also scored on the Dragons rider.

On the left flank the HE bolt-throwers and the D cannon kill another 6 Chaos Warriors. However, none of the missle troops fire (or have success) as they all either move or miss this turn. Other moves are the Hammerers toward the right flank to counter a possible move by the Chaos Knights, the Gyrocopter lands between the Dragon Princes and the advancing Chaos Warriors unit, and the Dragon Mage jumps in behind the Spawn.

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