September 30, 2008

Warhammer Battle Report 10000pts (Part 3)

Battle of the Void
10000 pts High Elves & Dwarfs vs. Chaos

Turns 3-6
I've tried a little experiment here and have combined the maps I usually make with the photos I took to help me remember the battle. Having some problems recalling the exact turn of events from Turns 2-4 so the detail will be a little hazy between Part 2 of the report and this Part. I apologise also as upon review there are so minor errors with how units are placed on the maps, but the overall scheme of the battle is accurate.

Turn 3 - Overview
This is where all of the major combats started to happen, principally around the central mountain objective. On my left flank the Gyrocopter, which was intended to block the advance of the Chaos Warriors & Demon positioned there, was overun. This resulted in the Chaos Warriors and the accompanying demon crashing headlong into the Dragon Princes, who once again I had advanced to far forward. I placed to much reliance on getting off the right Lore of Beasts spell in my magic round, failed and consequently didnt gain the bonus move I wanted for the Princes. If I had they would have been perfectly positioned to charge the Northern objective.

On the right flank my Dragon Mage was killed with saw his Dragon enter into a Hate filled Frenzy of bloodlust and rage. This lasted a grand total of 1/2 a turn as the Dragon was then slaughtered by Chaos Knights and Chariots advancing behind it. The screamers left the southern objective and took off toward the HE Archers and Dwarven Thunderers in the central forest. The main Dwarven units of Ironbreakers, Hammerers and Longbeards which had till now remained out of the battle now moved forward ready to join the combat.

This wasnt far off as the Chaos Knights and Ogres on the right flank charged forward running into the Quarreller units stationed there. These were rapidly overrun forcing the flight of the Bolt-Thrower crew positioned on their flank. End result was a charge by the Chaos Knights straight into the unit of Phoenix Guard who were positioned to accept it.

On the left flank Repeater Bolt and Cannon fire decimated a unit of Chaos Warriors killing around 8-10 of them and the Miners finally dropped in right next to the Chaos Hell Cannon near the Northern objective. In the centre the HE units on the mountain were wiped out and overrun, the Chaos battleline surging forward into the 2nd unit of Spears stationed on the mountains southern slopes.

Thus ended Turn 3 with nearly every large unit on or near the mountain in combat, or about to enter it.

Turn 4-6
Ah the Turn where the balance shifted yet again, this time toward the HE and Dwarven army. In the previous turn charges by Chaos Warriors and Knights had overrun 2 units of Elves and 2 of Dwarves. However, those overruns had brought them into range of the much stronger Dwarven units held in reserve near their deployment zone. Excellent movement on the part of the Dwarven units and the help of the Anvil of Doom allowed not just 1, but 2, large units of Dwarves to get a flank charge on the central unit of Chaos Knights engaged vs. the Phoenix Guard. The Ironbreakers on the left (proxied by Warrior models) and the Hammerers on the right (mix of Hammerer & Warrior models). The Ironbreakers included the Dwarven Battle Standard, while the Hammerers were led by a Dwarf Lord with a mighty waraxe that did 4 x WS7 attacks at S5 each causing D6 wounds. Now if only he could get into combat vs. the Chaos Heroes.

The initial Dwarven charge scored a large number of hits on the Chaos Knights, but not enough unsaved wounds as was initially hoped. Still the first round of combat ended in a win for the HE & D forces but Stubborn pride allowed the Chaos unit to stand its ground. This would prove to be a blessing for them as behind them a larger unit of Chaos Warriors including 2 powerful Chaos Lords was positioned to flank charge the Ironbreakers. This they duly did only for the flank charge to be foiled by the Dwarven Battle Standard Bearers placing of his Oath Stone. The challenge that followed saw a Chaos Champion crushed beneath his waraxe as the Dwarves rallied around their Lord.

However, the battle was starting to turn against the HE and D. Unable to score enough wounds on the Chaos Knights their numbers were steadily wittled down by the huge WS and S of the Chaos Heros with each unit. On the right flank the Dwarven units stationed in the Southern wood were also hard pressed.

One cannon crew making the ultimate sacrifice and using the MR of Immolation to kill those enemies who still remained to their front. But hope was present in the unit of Slayers fast approaching on the Dwarven left. Again added by the Anvil of Doom they were able to move quickly into position and flank charge the large unit of Chaos Warriors battling the Ironbreakers.

At their head was a mighty DaemonSlayer whose attacks killed 4 Chaos Warriors in the initial charge and 3 more in the 2nd round of combat.

Also approaching from the South was the recently rallied unit of Spearmen, and the 2nd unit of Longbeards. But Chaos too had reserves. On the right flank the Dragon Princes had been destroyed along with the other Dwarven missle units stationed there. The Miners to the North, lacking any support, were also cut down and it seemed that the entire HE/D army could be encircled in the huge conflaguration on the Mountains southern slopes.

Another round of combat (Turn 5) saw yet more Dwarves and Chaos fall but still the Chaos Knights remained unmoved. The Dwarven General failing to score a single hit with his D6 Wounding weapon. But it was Turn 6 that proved the decider. In the last turn of the game, a brutal Chaos assault killed 21, yes 21, Dwarves from the Ironbreakers and Hammerers effectively ending the HE/D armies hope of crushing the Chaos centre. Despite overwhelming odds the Chaos Knights had held and the battle ended as night fell on the battlefield.

End result a solid victory to Chaos by 21 points to 14 and a very very enjoyable way to end the match.

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