September 10, 2008

Dwarf Painting project *update*

Assembled my Dwarf Organ Gun last night which means I can finally stop proxying other cannons for it. Just needs to be painted. I've also finished re-painting all of my Dwarf artillery crewmen and engineers. Rather than the Dark Green that adorns all of my other Dwarfs, as this is colour of the Kings Clan, I've given these guys a covering of Ultramarine Blue to indicate their membership in a different clan. Also going to complete one small unit of BSP warriors and thunderers in the same colour scheme to represent the warrior contingent of this clan.

Initial plans were to redo all of my Dwarfs to show the clan colours of the 5 royal clans of Karak Thorinkin. However, I changed my mind and I simply repaint a few key special units to represent each clans area of speciality and get some better banners organised. Basically after only just retouching ALL of them to get them looking the same I really dont want to redo them all over again.

Special units I'll paint or buy and then paint will be:

  • Artillery & Engineers - Ultramarine Blue (Clan Ragnell)
  • Rangers - Scab Red (Clan Morgal)
  • Miners/Ironbreakers - Canary Yellow (Clan Boerdin)

I have enough Miners already all from BSP sets, but I need more Master Engineer and Engineer figures. For the Rangers I think ill get another new box of Warriors and have some fun modifying them, might do a mixture of GW/Crossbows and GW/Throwing Axe models.

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