September 15, 2008

Menoth Army construction

Ok, lovely package of Menoth goodies arrived in the mail on Friday and I spent the weekend putting together the beginnings of my Menoth army. Also told my wife just what I had brought so there would be no surprises, dont think she was happy but at least I told her. Anyway overall this is what I have

  • 1 x Grand Exemplar Kreoss
  • 1 x High Exemplar Kreoss
  • 2 x Crusader Heavy Warjacks
  • 3 x Repenter Light Warjacks
  • 2 x Revenger Light Warjacks
  • 6 x Flameguard Cleansers (inc. Arms Master)

Also got an extra High Exemplar Kreoss which I sell on TradeMe along with 1 of the Repenters, as I dont think I need them all. Have a match organised with Rob this Thursday so he can show me the basics. Havent painted anything yet, just assembled them, sanded the bases and given them a base coat of white. Want to investigate the paint schemes first to get them right.


Binz said...

Very nice :) after you get some rules down, ill have to give you a thrashing with my Khador army!!! :D

Found out how many points worth you have now?

Johno said...

684 if I field everything.