September 16, 2008

Online resources

I've spent a little bit of time searching for ideas on how to paint my newly acquired Protectorate of Menoth army, and in doing so have come across a number of really good sites/blogs online that I would like to recommend (to anyone who is reading this - you are out there arent you).

Painting Resources

Painting Links
Basically a site that provides a list of links to other painting and modelling sites, good resource.

Brushthralls - 5/5
Great painting site with really detailed tutorials on a wide variety of painting techniques. Site is neatly indexed into beginner and advanced sections and includes pictures of various stages in the painting process for easy reference. Focus is mainly on Warmachine but techniques it discusses can be applied anywhere.

Cool Mini or Not - 5/5
If you want to find examples of other peoples miniatures then go here, you can also post your own. There is some absolutely outstanding stuff here.

Warpainter Studio -3/5
Another miniature wargaming blogger this time of a high quality commerical painter. He seems to do everything and offers his services to people willing to pay. The quality of his work is absolutely outstanding. I did find it a bit difficult to navigate though.

Chest of Colours - 2.5/5
This site/forum seems to only have just started or not been updated recently as the hoster has definately left room for more content. Covers wide range of miniature games and has some Ok tuturials etc.

Ironhand Miniatures - 2.5/5
Another individual offering commerical painting services for miniature gamers. Has alot of 40k stuff on the site which, as you would expect, is brilliantly painted.

Game/Army Help

BattleCollege - 5/5
Where I first went for help and info on Warmachine and on playing Menoth. Was directed to it by a friend and would highly recommend it to anybody keen on starting the game.

Menoth Forums (Privateer Press) - 4/5
Official and I guess essential stop off for Menoth and all Warmachine players.

Slitherine Forums - 5/5
If you play FOG or any other miniature ancients/medieval/modern game then this is the best place to go. I use it for information on Fields of Glory. Has battle reports, downloadable help guides and reference sheets, army list discussions etc. Really good site.

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