September 12, 2008

Painting/Modelling to do list

Saw that Toshi had a list of his painting projects on his Blog so thought I'd go over my own, you never seem to finish....

Warhammer Dwarfs
Organ Gun and Crew
12 x Warriors
10 x Thunderers
24 x Miners
1 x Thane

Artillery crewmen for 3 warmachines
20 - 25 Warriors
10 Miners
8 Hammerers

Warhammer High Elves
8 x Silver Helms (1/2 started)
1 x Mage on Steed
1 x Battlestandard Bearer (needs touchs up only)
30 x Archers (4th ed stuff)
40 x Spearmen (4th ed stuff)
2 x Bolt-throwers (need re-touching)

10 x Phoenix Guard

FOG Hundred Years war English
16 bases of Calvary to be painted and flocked properly

A shitload of Menoth stuff which should arrive in the mail today

1 comment:

Binz said...

Not bad... i think we probably rival each other with our massive painting backlog... i think i have less actually finished than you though!