September 18, 2008

Painting a Revenger Light Warjack (Part 1)

Part 1 of my (somewhat) detailed breakdown of the painting of my newly acquired Menoth army. Apologies for current picture quality but I had to use my phone rather than my camera.

What’s been done so far?
Base Coat
Sprayed it with GW Skull white & a bit of standard house paint white (1/3 price of GW stuff). Had to do two coats as arms fell off after the first coat went on. I haven’t pinned anything as I don’t have a drill. Base is flocked with large grain sand that I ground down a little bit (cheaper than buying GW sand), added before base coat went on.

Shield, Shoulders, Centre head plate, and arms (but not hands)
For the white areas of the model I started with a base coat of Fortress Grey (or Codex whichever is the darker one), then Codex (or Fortress whichever is the lighter) leaving a line of darker color around the edges. Next coat was Skull White again leaving thin lines of Fortress and Codex Grey showing. Chaos Black applied to cross on shield.

Shoulders, Shield & Armour edging
Base coat of Scab Red (this is a great color), followed by highlights on raised areas (spikes, folds in fabric areas) with Blood Red. Also flat brushed (or tried too) edges of Armour areas.

Metal areas
At this stage I have applied a single layer of thinned down Bolt Gun metal to all of the metal areas.

What's next?
White Areas
Another light coat of Skull White just to get it looking right with a slightly thicker layer in the middle of each Armour section to make it stand out a bit more.

Red Areas
Touch up the parts that have Bolt Gun metal on them (there are a few) and tidy up the Blood Red highlights to really get the edges coming out. Then a bit of red ink or really watered down blood red mixed with Chaos Black to bring out the joints and seams.

Metal Areas
Two deviations here. First will be the basic parts that stay bolt-gun metal with perhaps some highlights of Chainmail to create bit of contrast. Then there are the areas that will be golden, these will be done with: (1) a layer of Brazen Brass over the Bolt Gun Metal, then (2) a layer of Shining Gold, and finally (3) a thin layer of Chestnut Ink. I've found from experimenting that this combination works best for getting Golden Armour to stand out. Ill also get some Black or Black Ink into the areas around the smokestack (if that’s what it is) on top, and in the some of the recessed areas to make them stand out more.

Not sure, but will probably use flesh wash or chestnut ink on the sand. Then alternating layers of various browns to build it up and then a small amount of grass type flock on top.

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