September 22, 2008

The perils of online shopping

It always pays to ring a supplier first to check if they have the stock you want on hand. Ordered some 2 lots of Choir of Menoth for Warmachine off Wargames Supply in Wellington. Expecting them to arrive basically today, buts its going to take a couple of weeks. Mind you thats perfectly OK just would be nice to be told before payment goes through for the order. Then again actually ordering in person doesnt always work either. Placed an order for a Dwarf Lord w. Shieldbearers at Heroes for Sale in July and i'm still waiting - hoping like hell that its not out of production, as there was one on Trade Me that I didnt bid for.

Newest addition to my Protectorate collection is a Vassal, undercoated it this morning and might get to paint it tonight. Army is starting to look more uniform now. Ill get some pictures up soon. Modifying the basic colour scheme slightly and have gone for more red - Scab Red, Blood Red + Red Ink - on the armoured areas so they look more like Toshi's Chaos Warriors now.

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