September 22, 2008

Upcoming battle reports

OK, the Cricket season starts in less than 4 weeks time and once it does I wont be playing Warhammer etc as much as I have been. We are also going to be giving Warmachine/Hordes a good thrashing at the Club over the next few weeks. Basically with so many of the other WH players not turning up lately we've gotten a bit tired of the same opponents week in week out.

However, there are two big WH battles coming up or rather one HUGE battle and one campaign, which Ill get battle reports and photos posted for.

First up, Toshi and I are going to have rematch of our 5000pt battle this weekend, but this time with 10,000 - yes thats right - 10000pts. My High Elves (4000pts) and Dwarfs (6000pts) vs. his Chaos. After that Ill be down in Christchurch in November to see the family and to play a ton of games against my brother. So, other family members aside, we should get A LOT of games in - Dwarfs/High Elves vs. Empire/Ogres/Orcs/Wood Elves.

Other news a new blog is being started by Sigmar the guy responsible for the Battlereporter site and the new Nautican race. Going to feature Battle Reports and can be found at - cool name wish I'd thought of it.

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