September 12, 2008

Warhammer Battle Report 2250pts (Part 1)


I FINALLY WON A FREAKING GAME!!!! - Ok that really does sound sad

Well this was fun, 2250 pts my High Elves against Hanks Lizardmen and his Lvl 4 Slan Priest thing, hordes of Skinks and his Croxagors or Croxosaurs (however you spell it). And yes it is true, I did win - Solid Victory by 800 pts - and it was a sweet victory too. I nearly took my Dwarfs but I brought a new Warehouse tool box to put all my stuff in and the Elves got put in it first, so I took them.

And ah ha ha - I won - despite 2 miscasts by my Lvl 4 Archmage and my Dragon Princes doing nothing all game except run away?!? Battle report to follow, but in the interim here are some pics. The quality is really really poor as I took them with my phone so I could keep track of how the battle was progressing for my write up.

Dragon Princes w. Banner of Ellyrion chase Skinks out of the Forest & Lake

Phoenix Guard & Spears w. Archmage advance toward Lizards right flank

Good overview of battlefield showing High Elves deployed entirely on left vs. Lizardmen spread across entire board. Only exception are Dragon Princes on extreme right flank

HE Infantry preparing to charge main Lizard battleline, while archers look on

The closing stages of the battle.

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Binz said...

Congratulations John! Good work.

You showed that damn Frogman!