October 9, 2008

Painting Amon Ad-Raza Menoth Warcaster

Have completed painting majority of my Protectorate miniatures now and have purity sealed those that are complete. Finished results look better than I thought they would, with some obvious improvement along the way. Happiest with Kreoss and Amon Ad-Raza both of which have turned out really well.
[Photos should all expand when clicked on]

The Painting Process
Base coated with standard white paint, not the GW stuff but just some cheap stuff from Mitre 10 (thats a hardware store). Metal areas were started with Boltgun Metal. Over this was a full layer of Black Ink. The Golden areas had a thin layer of Shining Gold applied followed by a thinner layer of Chestnut Ink. Chainmail & Mithril Silver was added to other areas to aid in highlighting. If you havent used Chestnut Ink to highlight Gold I would strongly suggest it as it gives it a great realistic look.

The Red areas have four layers. Started with Scab Red then a layer of Blood Red leaving the edges exposed as much as possible. Over this went a layer of Red Ink and then some touch ups with a Scab Red/Blood Red mix. Finally a thinned down layer of Warlock Purple but only a few areas to aid in highlighting (In the side view you can see the effect of this on the front edge of Amon's head covering).

The White robes were started with a layer of Bleached Bone to fill in the diamond pattern. Over this I put a couple of thin layers of Skull White. Unfortunately it was only on the back that I remembered not to fill in the diamond pattern, which is why you can see it there and not elsewhere. Snakebite leather was used on the boots and leggings.

Skin has been done with a base coat of Dwarf Flesh, followed by a full layer of Flesh Wash. Once dried I used Dwarf flesh on the raised areas leaving enough Flesh Wash in the gaps to highlight the various muscles. Finally a few touches of Elf Flesh on the higher areas to really highlight everything. You can see the detail a lot better on Amon's back.

Finally the base. The sand was glued on before I undercoated the entire model so was already white. After that I dry brushed alternate layers of Chestnut Ink, Fortress Grey, and Bleached Bone over it before adding the Grass flock and the little rock thing. Final touch before Purity Seal was applied was to re-touch the base with Chaos Black.

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Very nice work John :)