October 24, 2008

Warmachine Battle Report 1000pts 2v2

Unlikely Partners
Menoth & Circle vs. Khador & Everblight

This was a 2v2 match with my Protectorate & Richards Circle vs. Toshi's Khador and Hank's Everblight. Was scheduled for last week but I couldnt make it for various reasons. 500 pts each, meant 1000 pts aside. As the club has been purchasing a lot of new terrain lately (and making even more) we had a great board set up with a good assortment of terrain features. Khador & Everblight won the initial dice roll, choose their side, deployed first and moved first.
[For the Khador perspective click here]

The Armies
I wasnt quite sure what Circle had so got some advice from Toshi and asked around and saw strong focus on RAT troops helped balance out my weaknesses. Only real choice I had to make (as my model collection is still limited) was what caster to take and how many Warjacks. List for our side was:

  • Kreoss
  • Crusader
  • Crusader
  • Revenger
  • Temple Flameguard (10) + Unit detachment
  • Flameguard Cleansers (6)


  • Woldwyrd
  • Woldwarden
  • Baldur Stonecleaver
  • Druids of Orboros
  • Lord of the Feast
  • Sentry Stone
  • Mannikon
  • Wolves of Orboror

Hope I spelt and got those right. Khador went with 2 Heavy Warjacks, some long-gunner type guys, the solo with the Axe and a couple of smaller units. Not sure who the warcaster was (didnt write it down- oops!) but it wasnt Kharkev which was nice. Everblight was the usual assortment from my last match against him although he had a couple of new units in there this time round.

The Battlefield & Deployment
Played on a standard 6x4 size table with board dominated by a large village on the left and a range of forests on the right (looking from my side). A road through the majority of the board offered some good movement bonuses for Warjacks, and the number of walls etc also offered good concealment. However, terrain features were negated by the Everblights Pathfinder abilities, but this was balanced by Circles ability to create forests wherever they felt like it - very nice!!!

The Battlefield
Circle & Menoth deployment

Khador & Everblight deployment & 1st moves

Key was for us to work together. As Protectorate are melee troops I needed to get into close combat quickly. Plan was for Richards Circle to provide initial cover with the mobile forests and use his faster units to screen my tougher melee troops and Warjacks. Kreoss's spells and the Menoth unit orders allowed added DEF & ARM bonuses which worked well. Rather than spread ourselves across the board as Khador & Everblight did we concentrated in the middle with the intent of charging straight ahead right at the Khador & Everblight Warcasters ignoring their flanking units on either side. Kreoss's knockdown feat would be used as soon as the enemy Warcasters were in range and then we would move in for the kill.

The opening turns
These pretty much went as we hoped they would. The Khador bombards failed to hit and kill anything and some bad dice rolls saved the Flameguard and Cleansers from getting whittled down early. The Khador & Everblight flanking units (with the exception of the Longunners) played little part in the game as their forces seemed to anchor themselves behind the village and wait for us to advance to them.

Circle's Baldur Stonecleaver advances
The Circle & Menoth battlelines reach charge range

I think the initial moves from our side were a surprise with our heavy units all advancing directly up the middle. Only the Temple Flameguard and Cleansers diverged away from the centre as we stuck to our plan and went for the Warcasters. First casualities on each side were light until we were all within charge range.

Melee combat is joined
Now things started to get messy. The Khador Warjacks and Everblight monsters started doing some serious damage to the Crusaders - one is heavily damaged losing its left arm and suffering near fatal damage to its remaining systems. Shooting on both sides takes its toll but not as badly as either side would have hoped. Funniest moment of the initial charges was having Hank's Everblight infantry unit charge a Crusader with Retribution on it - 4D6 damage roll does 2 damage to the Crusader, while Retribution turns the attacker into a really really really small pile of goo as he is smashed to a pulp.

Khador & EverBlight forces rally after their initial charge attacks

A couple of great moves by Khador though nearly sink things. A Slam attack by Toshi (he likes those) knocks the undamaged Crusader back into the Flameguard unit, knocks it down and kills one of the Flameguard along with a key Circle character. With the other Crusader heavily damaged and the charge routes of key Circle units blocked our options are badly reduced. Things are going better on the left flank though as here the Cleansers (for the 2nd game in a row) actually do something other than die and roast the Khador Longunners.

Khador infantry watch as Menoth march forward

Cleanser Officer gives order to advance on the left flank

Everblight & Flameguard prepare for combat

The Templeflameguard are also able to advance pretty much unscathed toward the key Everblight units now hiding behind the village, and put themselves in a position to flank the Everblight caster.

Flameguard flank Everblight

The grand melee

The game was pretty much decided at this point. Even though serious damage had been done on the Crusaders and on some of the Circle infantry units Kreoss was now in position to use his feat, knocking down everything within 14". Some careful planning saw the remaining able Crusader move into combat with the Khador Warjacks, and the Temple Flameguard advance within reach range of the Everblight caster. Menoth took first blood killing a couple of Everblight units and scoring 3 damage on their caster. Fantastic shooting and magic from Circle then finished her off which sent the Everblight monsters into a panic. With the Everblight army now destroyed, Khador was now alone and severly weakened against 2 largely unscathed armies. We played out about one more turn here then called it quits for a solid Menoth - Circle victory.

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