October 2, 2008

Warhammer Battle Report 10000pts (Part 4)

Battle of the Void
10000pts High Elves & Dwarfs vs. Chaos

The Final Word
Well i'm not sure what was more exhausting coming up with a 10,000pt list, actually fighting the battle or writing up the battle report. Either way it was a thoroughly enjoyable few hours. Time permitting it would have been great to see how the great melee on the Mountains Southern Slopes would have turned out after another turn or two. But we had to end the game some time and I have to say that it was definately more mentally tiring playing 10000pts than I thought it would be.

The Result
Unfortunately the battle ended with a solid victory to the Chaos Army 21-14 as they held the Northern and Central objectives for most of the game. If normal VP had been used I am really not sure what the actual result would have been. By the end of Turn 6 (from my hazy memory) each side had lost a lot of figures but the HE/D army had lost more units overall, this included:
- A full unit of Dragon Princes
- A couple units of Archers & Shadow Warriors
- A big unit of Spearmen
- Two/Three units of Quarrellers and Thunderers
- A full unit of miners & half the Ironbreakers

Also lost were the Dragon Mage, an Archmage, a HE Prince and both the Dwarven and High Elf Battle Standard Bearers. These total approximately 3-3500 points.

Chaos losses were higher than normal but still not that high as while most units had suffered losses only a few were down to half strength. Notable kills I remember were the Chaos Dragon, at least one Sorcerer, maybe 30+ Chaos Warriors and 8-10 Chaos Knights. So in terms of objectives and standard VP I would give the victory to Chaos.

Lessons Learned
Well I made the same basic mistakes again - bad deployment, advancing too quickly, not supporting units properly and forgetting to charge when I could. Then there was the really big one of not thinking a turn or two ahead and anticipating the consequences of units fleeing. Once again I also advanced the Dragon Princes too far forward. Then after re-positioning them safely was unable to charge them as they were isolated and unsupported. Artillery fire worked well, although I have a strong suspicion that I forgot to fire any of my Quarrellers or Thunderers because I really dont remember doing anything with them.

However, there were a number of positives. Getting 3 flank charges on the Chaos Units with my Dwarfs was a definate first and the success of the Anvil of Doom was also nice. However, the High Elves once again showed their inability to actually kill anything in close combat, e.g., 30 Spearmen getting 18 attacks (3 ranks of 6) and scoring 1, yes 1, wound!?!?! Need some Swordmasters.


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