October 3, 2008

Warmachine Battle Report 500pts

Crusade to the Everblight
Protectorate of Menoth vs. Legions of Everblight

Two very interesting and highly enjoyable battles tonight my Menoth up against Hanks Legions of Everblight/Warmachine vs. Hordes. While Hank had played against Warmachine armies before, namely Toshi's Khador, this was my first Hordes encounter. But it was also his against Menoth so we both gave each other a few nasty surprises. My lists for both games were broadly similar, mainly as my collection is still limited, across both games I used the following:

  • Exemplar Kreoss
  • Crusader
  • Crusader
  • Revenger
  • Revenger
  • Flameguard Cleansers Unit
  • Vassal
Game 1
Went fairly slowly as we were getting used to the rules and learning about each others armies. Big shock for me was finding out (after deploying to make use of terrain) that Everblight figures dont suffer movement penalties through terrain, at least not under certain conditions. That and the arcing fire from the Legion Warcaster (or whatever Hordes calls them) made Kreoss life difficult. First couple of rounds were mainly movement based with some minor RAT coming in from the Legion forces. Each side suffered a number of casualties with Kreoss's knockdown feat working well and allowing the Warjacks to close in and score some good hits. The Cleansers once again failed to do anything other than die *sigh* but at least they proved distracting. Didn't help that I forgot to run them into combat in the first couple of rounds and effectively negated any chance they had of contributing to the battle. Kreoss's feat was almost the winning of the game for Menoth as I had all 3 of my Warjacks (Crusader & 2 Revengers) right up close on the principle Legion units and Warcaster. Unfortunately I left him with 1 wound left at the end of my round and failed to kill him. So what happens he bounces back arc fires at Kreoss and kills him with two shots!!!!! End result a disappointing loss.

Game 2
This one was much much much closer - in fact in came down to the very last minute with only Kreoss and a single undamaged Crusader up against the Legion Warcaster and 2 of the little bity things (growlers or something). Massive rounds of combat had seen various Warjacks fall. Kreoss also stayed hidden from melee and ranged fire this time round and allocated focus better. The dropping of his feat at the ideal time also saw the big Warjacks wipe out the larger Legion units in the centre, and even gave the Cleansers a few kills when their flamethrowers burned the stationary Legion infantry. Funniest point of the game for me was when I had a Crusader pick up a Legion archer and throw her one handed only to have her land.... at his feet... when he was trying to bif her into another archer a few inches to the front. The Archer died but still it was a sneaky way to off someone.

Game 2 in Pictures
The following images are all from Game 2 the bigger of the two we played tonight. Of the 15-20 I took on my phone these are the best ones, quality isnt that great but hey you get the picture. Most of the fighting took place on my left flank. The map basically had a large forest on the right, a smaller one in the middle, and a Village and wall on the left joining the centre forest. You can click on them all to get bigger images.

Picture 1
Legion Archer things look south as a Menoth Crusader & Revenger advance

Picture 2
The same Warjacks arrive at the village wall

Picture 3
Moments later the Cleansers arrive in support

Picture 4
Kreoss drops his feat, the Cleansers burn up the Legion infantry, and the Crusader advances over the village wall into combat

Picture 5
In the forest the Revenger is met by the Legions big beastie (?!?)

Picture 6
The sole surviving Cleanser watches the Crusader chase the remaining Legion Archer around behind the Village

Picture 7
Kreoss with his sole remaining Crusader with all systems operational waits for the surviving
Legion forces.
Picture 8
The last move of Menoth, rather than stay still & shield Kreoss the Crusader moves forward to engage the Legion Warcaster... but fails to kill him

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Binz said...

Looks like some fun games! You were cheated of victory very closely twice it looks like! How did he kill your big Warjacks though? They are pretty tough....