October 28, 2008

Choir of Menoth - Painting the Acolyte

Went to Wellington over the weekend and stopped by Wargames Supply and picked up a Choir of Menoth Warpriest and Acolyte. Still waiting for them to get my online order sorted out. Ill give it to the end of the week and if I havent got it ill be cancelling it. For a store that is only 150km away their service is pretty crap, especially in comparison to the Warstore in the US who dispatched an order I made online with them last Thursday 2 days later. I expect to get that order before Wargames Supply's one.

Anyway, I really enjoyed painting the Choir unit. Wanted to make the Warpriest stand out and decided to really go to town on the detail on the Acolyte. Overall, the results were great and the best that I think I have done so far and I am very happy with the outcome.

The Painting Process
Started with a base coat of standard white (not GW but just normal house paint) over the top of a flocked base, used GF9 sand not GW stuff. First part I started on was the Acolytes main robe with a coat of Bleached Bone. This was followed by a layer of Gryphonne Sepia to help create a faded look. Once this was dry Skull White was used to highlight the raised areas leaving the Sepia and Bleached Bone in the recesses, and near the bottom of the cloak.

Once the Skull White was dry I added another thin layer of Gryphonne Sepia and smaller touch ups of Skull White to assist in highlighting more, then moved onto the rest of the model. The Scroll was painted in the same way but with a couple of additions. These were Snakebike Leather which was dry brushed on around the edges, as well as the on the sleeves and hand wraps of the Acolyte. Additional layers of Sepia wash and Ogryn Flesh also helped bring out the scroll's papyrus type colour.

The red areas were a bit trickier. I started with a base of Scab Red and highlighted this with Baal Red. Once dry Blood Red went over the raised areas followed by Warlock Purple. Unfortunately this made the robe look to pink, so I rewashed it this time with Black Ink which made an immediate impact darkening the robe and really highlighting the folds in the fabric. Further touch ups of Scab Red, Warlock Purple and Chaos Black helped finalise the colour with a hint of Leviathan Purple washed over as well.

The rest of the model was a big experiment. The Cross was painted the same way as the red robes, but with added highlights of Shining Gold. Shining Gold was also used to highlight the shoulder armour and parts of the Acolytes facemask which had already been covered in BoltGun Metal and washed with Black Ink. Over the top of the Shining Gold went small touch ups of Chestnut Ink and in a couple of small spots some Thraka Green (a suggestion from my wife) to age the metal somewhat.

The face and hands were fairly easy to do as I followed the technique I use for my Dwarfs. Dwarf Flesh followed by Flesh Wash then highlights of Elf Flesh, although this time I also used the Ogryn Flesh wash from the Citadal range. For a bit of creative difference this time I had a go at painting the eyes using Skull White to get the main parts and then little dabs of Enchanted Blue for the Iris's - took about 5-10 minutes to do this as I was literally adding one tiny drop at a time. For my first ever effort at eyes I think it turned out OK, although the right eye is a bit off centre.
The final elements were the writing on the scroll and the dirt on the bottom of the Acolytes robe. The dirt was the easy part. I wanted to get away from the clean white look, hence the use of Bleached Bone and the washes earlier. So to the bottom of the robe I added Devlan Mud and Thraka Green, washes I also added to the flock on the base. A slightly smaller amount of Ogryn Flesh wash was also added in some areas, notably the front of the robe. Then to really highlight the mud effect on the bottom of the robe I retouched the top half with Skull White to make it much brighter than I had originally intended. Overall, result worked out quite well.
The scroll work was fun to do. The cross of Menoth was just Chaos Black edged by Scab Red applied in very small amounts using a tiny brush. The I used Codex Grey to put some fake writing on the scroll work. Over the top of this to help age the scroll I added more Ogryn Flesh and a bit of Devlan Mud. Final touch was a layer of Purity Seal.

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