October 9, 2008

Completed Menoth Battle Group

After finishing Amon Ad-Raza last night and Purity Sealing everything this morning, I was left with the following little battle group for use tonight. Will also be taking a Revenger, a Vassal and some Cleansers but havent quite decided what Ill use yet. Photos all taken with Digital Camera this time, not my phone, which is why they look better.
[Photos should expand when clicked on]
Temple Flameguard

Wish I could say I painted these but it would be a lie. Purchased them off Trade Me last week and I was blown away when they arrived. First because there were more of them than I thought a Unit of 5 + Officer, 4 extra troops & a Standard Bearer w. Officer, and secondly because the paint job was just fantastic. The next models I did paint.

Crusader (1st model I completed)

Same Crusader from back

Revenger (really enjoyed painting these)

A Menoth Battle Box all complete

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