October 29, 2008

Making my own magnetic bases & other stuff

Another great site I would highly recommend is WeeToySoldiers.com sadly its owner has said goodbye after 2.5 years but has left his site up and running. There are a huge range of good articles on there among them the following:

He gave permission for people to copy his content so Ill be printing a lot of it out, and duplicating some of it on Stumpy Heaven to preserve it. The magnetic movement trays article I will be putting to good use as part of my High Elf Army project


Kevin said...

Would you happen to have the information on making the magnetic movement trays?

John M said...


Theres a couple of options available to you. Galeforce 9 make a range of magnetic bases and trays that you can purchase pre cut.

Alternatively there is my method which is to buy sheets of fridge magnets and cut them to fit your figures and movement trays.

Theres also magnetic paint that you can buy as well, which works pretty well apparently.

John M said...

@ Kevin - sorry I no longer have the original material from the website in the post