October 23, 2008

New project - High Elf tournament army

Made a decision last night that I've collected too many High Elves and need to start consolidating some of my stuff. After reading Plastic Legions, which is an outstanding blog by the way, I got some inspiration and enthusiasm for getting back into my Warhammer painting. Because I've been concentrating on warmachine lately, and as real life has been kind of busy, I've literally had my Warhammer guys packed away for over a month now.

So as of today I am going to start my High Elf Tournament Army Project which is going to be my erstwhile attempt to create a great looking 2150-2250pt High Elf army that I can use at Warhammer tournaments and that looks good in display. So far the plan includes getting rid of my 4th Edition Spearmen and Archers (can't be bothered painting them and the figures aren't as good even though I got them dirt cheap), and adding the following new units to my High Elf force:

  • 7th Edition unit of High Elf Archers
  • Unit of Shadow Warriors
  • Another 10-12 Swordmasters
  • A Lion Chariot or 2

Will also need to get some more modular movement trays and start looking at a more consistent theme for what I what to do. The current paint schem on my Phoenix Guard and 7th Edition Spearmen is Ok but needs some touching up.

I will however, paint strip my Dragon Princes and start them again from scratch along with the new box set to have a nice big unit of 10 - thats task number #1. Going with what I have already and what I have found that works I have narrowed the list down to the following:

  • Archmage
  • Noble (Mounted)
  • Noble (Battle Standard)
  • 20 x Spearmen
  • 16 x Archers
  • 20 x Phoenix Guard
  • 16 x Swordmasters
  • 8 x Shadow Warriors
  • 1 x Bolt-Thrower

That still leaves me approx 300 pts to assign to an additional couple of units, e.g., Lion Chariot, another Bolt-Thrower or a few more Spearmen or on magic items to equip the standard bearers in the units and the Heroes

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Binz said...

Great idea John - when i get my new Army book i think i will do the same thing.

Been way too focused on WM rather than my chaos army lately!