October 8, 2008

Newest Warcaster

Amon Ad-Raza has just joined the ranks of my Protectorate of Menoth army. Very enjoyable figure to paint, principally as he has a lot of skin and its the one area I'm actually good at highlighting etc. His focus is lower than Kreoss's at 5 and his feat isnt as good, no knockdown, but I'll use him tomorrow night as I really like the combination of stuff he brings and his ability to melee fight. Ill get some pictures of my painting efforts up in a bit - in interim heres the official one.

However, as it will be my first use of Amon I might save him for a 750pt game so I can include two warcasters Kreoss and Amon so I have at least one I am familar with. Next acquisition for Menoth will have to be Feora Priestess of the Flame - as I have a lot of Temple Flameguard, some Cleansers and 3 Repenters her ability to get bonuses from models on fire will be well used.

Although I really do want to order an Avatar Unique Warjack as those things are just damn awesome. But then again once I get Feora then Castigators with their flame fists become much more attractive as an offensive option. Combine them with Temple Flameguard, Cleansers and Repenters and have an entire army that sets everything it hits on fire.

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