October 8, 2008

Painting High Elf Swordmasters (Part 1)

Got a unit of 8 Swordmasters the other day. WS6 and S4 (w. Great Weapon) and 2 attacks striking first make them damn good, and a lot better than your average S3 High Elf Spearmen. Decided to paint them in a similar colour scheme to my Dragon Princes to make them stand out as an Elite unit. So rather than Silver/Chainmail armour they have Blue armour mixed with Chainmail. Upper Armour and Helmets have been painted in following colours:
  • Regal Blue basecoat
  • Enchanted Blue except around edges
  • Space Marine Blue on raised areas
  • (Probably) bit of Blue Ink in recessed parts
  • Pale Blue along key joints
I'll start posting my painting efforts etc here, working on one figure at moment to get colour scheme right. Very pleased with gem stones on Sword, first time I have actually managed to get more than one colour on one of them. Gone with
  • Scab red base coat
  • Blood red on lower half
  • Yellow on lower quarter
  • White dot in upper corner
  • Bit of Red Ink to give it some shine
Really does help to have some decent brushes. I am going to have to buy some more today as all of my original ones are completely stuffed.

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