October 9, 2008

Painting High Exemplar Kreoss

Now this one took me a while, a lot longer than Amon who I finished in two nights. Extra time was basically due to my stuffing up the original colour scheme. I was trying to use Blue instead of Red but this didnt work. That and the nature of Kreoss's armour made deciding on the detailing a bit tricky.

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The painting process in detail
Normal base coating process to begin with using standard (non Citadel) white spray paint. After that I started on the armoured bits first using Bolt-Gun Metal to cover the exposed areas. On top of this went some Black Ink followed by some Chainmail to highlight the raised areas. Final touch was the application of a thin layer of Mithril Silver on some parts of the armour, principally the plates covering the legs and lower body.

Red areas were done in exactly the same way as Amon Ad-Raza. Scab Red followed by Blood Red, then Red Ink and alternating layers of Blood Red/Scab Red and Warlock Purple to aid in highlighting and shading etc.

White robes were definately the trickiest part. Originally went without the highlighting but decided to add it and was glad I did. All it is in Bleached Bone applied to all the recessed areas with additional layers of Skull White on the raised areas to bring them out more.

Final touches were Chaos Black to the crosses on the shoulder, Bolt Gun Metal to the bolts on the Shoulder Plates and Helmet, and Chainmail to the faceplate. Also used a little bit of Mithril Silver to highlight some of the studs around the leg plates. After that I coated Kreoss, and every other finished model, in Hard Coat.

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