November 21, 2008

Another loss to Khador

Played 2 matches against Toshi's Khador last night, the final night at the club. Lost both the first one quite badly. The second due to some really poor decision making. Starting to get somewhat upsetting getting beaten all the time (well majority of the time). I like Menoth, like the story behind them, like the figures, but like my WHFB Dwarfs I've picked a tough army to master and am learning some very hard lessons.

Deployment lessons
Same as for WHFB, don't let the enemy dictate your deployment or how you use your forces, set up in the manner that best works for you and your troops. In Game 1 I needed to be in position to get into melee combat quickly while minimising any damage from Drago's Bombards. Unfortunately I deployed to far back and then advanced particular units to far forward on their own allowing them to get isolated.

In Game 2 Khador's Jacks were bunched together and I followed suit rather than spreading myself out and using the terrain more to my advantage. While melee is Menoths fortee it is better to get into that melee on your terms, e.g., as with Dwarfs get the firs charge.

Unit activation lessons
Activating the Choir and Vassal better than in previous games, although I keep getting the abilities mixed up particularly the Vassals Enliven. Having 2 Choirs is a definate must - 1 to Chant Safe Passage, the other to Chant Ward giving your Warjacks complete immunity from ranged and magic attacks.

Using Kreoss much better now principally as I have decided to only use Kreoss as my Warcaster so I can build some familiarity with his abilities. Key mistake was not getting forward fast enough to get Lamentation into play. This would have dramatically reduced Khador's effectiveness.

List composition
While Devouts get a bit of bad press in some forums etc I think they work well, particularly the Defensive Strike ability. This is really fun to use after an enemy Jack has been knocked down. If they forfeit their move to attack then you get to hit them with another Defensive Strike first, as technically they have ended their movement phase (by not moving).

Units I am definately missing though are Redeemer's so I can shoot rockets at models knocked down by Kreoss feat, e.g, the drop and pop tactic. Also need another Choir, some Wracks and some Zealots pluts unit attachment. Next purchases will definately be the Zealots and some Irdian Skirimishers.

Anyway last night was the final official club night at the Duellists until January 15th, so outside of casual games and posts on modelling, painting and product reviews etc I wont be blogging as much over the next couple of months.


Binz said...

Hey John - good games last night, i dont think you picked a bad army, just gotta get some of the units that makes your army strong.

I.e: Zealots and Idrians. Get 10 of each + UA, and youll be cooking with gas.

I was worried enough about playing you that i made strong lists, the 2nd game was a bit cheesy so i wouldnt stress too much about that one.

1st game, i took advantage with Behemoth. You have to take him down or make him useless before he kills half your army.

Devouts are really really good. Defensive strike is amazing.

John said...

Cheers mate - looking forward to the rematch