November 25, 2008

Army Update - Protectorate of Menoth

Managed to sell my 15mm Medieval English army over the weekend so I had some spare cash to add to the ranks of my Protectorate. Dropped into Heroes for Sale yesterday and picked up some Idrian Skirimishers and their Unit attachment and placed orders for the Piper mercenary, a Redeemer, Zealots unit box, and a Zealot Monolith Bearer. Nolw have just under 2000pts.

Also scanning White Dwarf for ideas on new colour scheme for my Protectorate models, I like the red/white/purple thing I have, but I'm now looking at a more subtle blue/grey look. Other big news on the gaming front is that Games Workshop have just realised a 'Bits' catalogue allowing people to place specific orders for individual sprues. Makes finding extra shields and customising your models that much easier.

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