November 14, 2008

Battle Report - Warmachine 750pts

Menoth vs. Cryx
750pts Epic Warcaster Battle

Only a brief report on this game as I was enjoying it too much to take any notes and didnt have my camera with me. Anyway the evening started in some confusion with 4 of us all seemingly turning up to play the same opponent who himself didnt show up?!? Rather than wait we sorted ourselves out with the 2 Everblight armies fighting eachother (somewhat confusing that) and myself going up against Cryx.

The game went quite slowly as I was using some of the new units/warjacks I ordered recently, that and my opponent hadnt played Cryx in a long time if ever so we were both kind of feeling our way through the right tactics. My list for the battle was:
  • Epic Kreoss
  • Revenger
  • Castigator
  • Reckoner
  • Devout
  • Vassal of Menoth
  • Choir of Menoth (Warpriest & 5 Acolytes)
  • Daughters of Flame (Standard Unit)
  • Temple Flameguard (10) + Unit attachment
  • Visgoth Juviah Rhoven & Honor Guard
Terrain set up was fairly good, we had two standard tables joined together with the terrain spread out across the whole lot and the tables divided into 4 sections. The one we choose had a large village in the middle with walls and several forests on either side, a hill on the cryx side of halfway gave them some added bonuses as it looked down over the village & table centre.

Overall the game see-sawed back and forth with both sides taking relatively heavy losses throughout, but a number of bad calls on my part in terms of using units in the right order, and some surprising Cyrx abilities saw them triumph. Final turn of game saw Epic Kreoss immobilised by the Cryx warcasters Feat and fighting a Bonejack and a unit of Pirate things (?!?) all on his lonesome. He some how survived the first round of combat despite taking 14 damage points and then narrowly missed out on lasting another round but was eventually cut down.

Unit/Warjack Review
The Castigator
Really not sure what this was capable of as it got destroyed in only the second turn by a large unit of very powerful Cryx infantry. Only contribution it made was to give them something to hit.

The Reckoner
Could have gone quite well but as it was the first time I had used him it didnt go too well. The assualt capability is particularly good allowing you to fire the ranged weapon as part of any charge attack. That and the choking veil give it good defence against a lot of units. Unfortunately it lost both of its arms relatively quickly and was reduced to marching around head butting people for the remainder of the game.

The Devout
Loved this warjack. I used him to guard Kreoss for most of the game before charging him into combat. With good DEF and ARM plus a P+S 14 reach melee weapon its a great Warjack to use. The defensive strike ability was also fantastic a free attack on any enemy model that moves with in 2" of it at +2 and with a boosted damage roll. Hits result in the enemy unit losing -2 MAT in its turn, so if you pick the right target you can effectively stop any attack on it before it begins. The defensive bonuses it brings to your Warcaster are also good, but in attack I think its better used.

Daughters of Flame
Two melee attacks which can be combined at a base MAT 7 (or 8 for leader) make this a powerful unit, however I positioned it wrong and it was killed pretty quickly by the Cryx pirates. I think the best thing to do with them is position them behind (despite their advance deployment) another unit and then have them charge through.

Visgoth Juviah Rhoven & Honor Guard
Good unit to have particularly against Cryx as Menoths Sight allows you to remove Stealth etc. Their ARM bonuses are also good as are their 2" reach PWR 14 melee attacks. Need to work on better use of their special abilities though.

Vassal & Choir
Once again I wasnt activating these guys in the right order - really going to have to get that right or their abilities wills simply be wasted. Safe Passage was an option I definately didnt use enough.

Epic Kreoss
I'm used to normal Kreoss's abilities but Epic was good, I particularly liked one spell that at 2 Focus turned a normal melee attack into a Slam attack with all the normal bells and whistles. Sanctified and Retribution were also great. Once again 'Retribution' proved to be my favourite spell. Casting it on my Revenger he was back striked by the Cryx Hunter who did 5 damage to the Revenger (killing it) but 14 damage to himself resulting in his death.

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